Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Since I had a couple of meetings downtown today, I was able to take my daily photos in my FAVORITE location. I love the depth and lighting of this hidden alleyway. It's just so beautiful!

9-29-09 1

This is another outfit heavily influenced by a photo I found in a magazine. Unfortunately, I couldn't find said photo to include in this post.

9-29-09 2

I love how it all came together. I feel very Euro chic with the neutrals and layers. While I've been trying to avoid tights, today there was no choice. It was not just a brisk fall day, it was cold! Oh, how I wish I lived in a place where the weather doesn't dip below 60!

9-29-09 3

I've been giddier than a pig in shit with my kaleidoscope of new jobs, but now I'm realizing there is one potential snag: 5 days out of the week, I can't wear jeans...

This didn't bother me even ONCE over the summer, because I was more than happy to wear cute little skirts and dresses. But now that the cold is starting to set in for a long, long fall and winter, I'm seeing some potential for disaster. Luckily, it's all worth it and I will try my best to turn it into a good reason to be even more experimental with the rest of my closet. Today being no exception...

9-29-09 4

Turtleneck: Kohl's, $3 - Jacket: Thrifted, $2 - Scarf: NYC Street Vendor, $5 - Coral-Print Skirt: Self-made - Boots: Kohl's, $27 (formerly my fringed boots from last year) - Bag: Simply Vera for Kohl's, $29

Monday, September 28, 2009


After a few crazy, crazy weeks, my schedule is finally starting to calm down a bit - relatively speaking, of course. Today was filled with some design work, a couple client meetings and now onto a WW meeting tonight. I may be busy, but I love what I'm doing.

9-28-09 1

I'm still being a rebel and going sans tights as long as humanly possibly. Today wasn't too bad, but they wouldn't have hurt. I did break down and wear them yesterday, though.

Besides, this skirt is too fun without them.

9-28-09 2

Brought back my new fave suede skirt (thrifted, $3), but this time I ditched the flannel and went for leopard (NY&Co cardi, $20ish - old). I'm really into the bright blue (Target shoes, $17) and leopard combo. So punky, yet so cute.

Yesterday's Wedding Showcase went smashingly! It's sooooo exhausting, though, so last night was spent veggin' in the worst kind of way. Hopefully, my schedule will just keep filling up now!


Thanks to random.org, the winner of the Stella & Dot giveaway is .....


Drop me an email Jenna and Rebekah will hook you up!

Thanks to all who entered! If anyone got any S&D loot with the 20% off offer, I would LOVE to see what you got. Email me a pic and I'll blog about it :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Remember all of that whiny business about how busy I am this week? Well, I have good reasons - working extra hours at one job, still working a few hours a week at each of 2 other jobs, picking up a couple extra freelance jobs and preparing for the once a year Wedding Showcase this Sunday. Whew!

(For the record, it all still beats my old job any day of the week!)

Anyway, with the Wedding Showcase just around the corner, I had some serious work to do to create my handouts. The showcase is an annual expo of 78ish area wedding vendors with 500 plus brides, bridesmaids and mothers getting as much information as they can in a short 5 hour period. It's so much fun and sooo exhausting! I end up talking non-stop for the entire show to hundreds of people.

In preparation for my big marketing venture of the year, I needed to pull together my handouts. It's really important to me that they reflect the originality and creativity that go into my invitation designs, but they also have to be mass-produce-able (word?) since I put hundreds of them together by hand.

So, with no further ado, this is what I put together for this year:
(This was a very impromptu photo-shoot, so the lighting isn't that great - the colors in the first photo are most accurate.)

propic 1

propic 2

propic 3

propic 4

If you or someone you know is in the market for custom-designed wedding invitations, you know who to call!


In an attempt to savor the last day of 70 degree temps before what looks like a loooong week of chilly rain, I'm going sleeveless for what may be one last time.

9-24-09 1

I'm having a thing for bright blue this week and this tank is no exception.

9-24-09 2

Other than the pop of color, it's a pretty low key concoction of a black sleeveless blazer (Sears, $25), DIYed harem pants, blue tank (Target, $6), snakeskin flats (Madden Girl, $23) and a metallic pewter belt (Gap outlet, $5).

Here's to summer ... I'll miss you :(

P.S. In regards to my all flats all the time pledge, flats can be just as harmful as heels, but I am super picky when I buy and always wear insoles. It makes a HUGE difference!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ever since the fifth grade, I have participated in the faux glasses trend once every 8 years exactly. This time it's way more fun though. Who doesn't love a cute nerd?

9-23-09 1

You can go ahead and kick me out of the style-bloggin' community for what I'm about to say, but I gotta say it. I'm so not ready for fall. You may be thinking, "What self-respecting style addict doesn't look forward to fall?!" but I'm just not there.

I don't know if it is the lack of true summer weather had (or didn't have?) or my lack of time to get my fall clothes out and officially pack up my summer duds (my closet is waaaaaaay too crowded to enjoy right now) or the love I have for the freedom of toes and legs and arms in summer clothes (ah, such ease and the breeze) ... or maybe it's just a combination of all these things. I really hate winter, too and I know it's right on the heels of fall. Blech...

Anyway, I may not be ready to pull out the tights quite yet, but one trend I can get on board with is the plaid flannel. Oh, how I loves it :)

ESPECIALLY paired up with what may be my best thrifting purchase ever! The most perfect suede skirt. Check out how Krystal, Indiana and Delightfully Tacky inspired this look.

9-23-09 2

It needed a little TLC - apparently it's previous owner felt that scotch tape made for an appropriate skirt hem - but thanks to some nifty fusing tape and a few stitches here and there, all is right with the world. The world of suede skirts anyway.

I have TONS of ideas in mind for this baby! Can't wait!

9-23-09 3

And after reading a horrifying story in SELF magazine the other day on the crazy bad effects of heels and your feet and how irreversible the damage is, I've decided to go all flats now. And these cuties will fit PERFECTLY into my fall wardrobe. Ever since my back flared up this winter, I've been taking it pretty easy on the heels anyway. Now, I'm just reaffirming my decision. Anyone with me?

Skirt: Thrifted, $3 - Shirt: Target Boys Dept., $5 - Glasses: Fred Flare - Shoes: Target, $17

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm so busy this week, I could cry ... but I won't. Instead, I will leave you with a fun little DIY. Happy hareming!

mom to harem 2
mom to harem

Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm always amazed at how 70 degrees can feel so warm in April, yet so cool in September. This beautiful fall day called for a little fur and today's outfit was 100% inspired by this picture in an old issue of Lucky.

9-21-09 inspiration

While I would LOVE to own that coat, I do not. But a carbon copy is no fun anyway, so I made it work with what I have.

9-21-09 1

You've seen these DIYed harem-esque pants before as well as my dolman sleeve JCP sweater ($18). I broke out my bright flats that the photo calls for and topped off the look with another revent NYC purchase.

9-21-09 2

Fur vests are certainly all the rage this year, but the longer, fuller versions don't do much for my stature. When your figure is grounded by a defined waist, it is not a wise move to cover it up. I tried on a couple longer versions and while I LOVE them on others, they're a bit too much on me. Sort of looks like I'm being eaten alive by some creature.

9-21-09 3

On the other hand, a cute cropped version like this not only keeps my waist free and clear of bulk, but it also comes with a smaller price tag. Picked this beauty up at H&M for only $20!

I'm still experimenting with ways to work it into my wardrobe, but I think I'm off to a decent start.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


If you're looking for something to do on this lovely Sunday afternoon, take a minute to enter the Stella & Dot Giveaway! Only 5 days left to enter AND only 5 days left to get your favorites pieces at 20% off! Check it all out here.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Sooooo, today got off to a rather rocky start. I've been working 7 days a week for several weeks now and though it generally doesn't bother me, I have days like today where things catch up with me and I flub a bit.

As I've mentioned before, Saturday mornings are early starts for me. I go into work at 7:15 and lead 2 back-to-back meetings. Then, I'm done and home by 11:30.

Weeeeeellllll, this morning I overslept. Oh. Crap. As soon as I heard my phone ring, I knew before I even opened my eyes that I had overslept. So, the first word out of my mouth this morning was a big ole' f-bomb as I flew out of bed. Luckily, I'm only a mile down the road from work and have a stand-by dress for such occassions, but no one likes to get going like that.

I managed to be there 15 minutes after my wake-up call, pulled myself together, put on my happy face, broke out the dimples and had 2 fabulous meetings. Even if I did have that not so fresh feeling the whole time. Turns out I set my alarm for 6pm instead of 6am. Grr.

Anyway, I will spare you this mornings look and backtrack to Thursday's. As you know, I've been continuing to work my treasured maxis into my fall wardrobe and I've done it once again. This time I pulled out the orange dress (Ross, $13), threw on a vintage scarf from Marnie's collection and topped it off with what may be my FAVORITE NYC purchase. It's a knit moto jacket that I am COMPLETELY in love with and I only managed to get it because I insisted that Sara of Style Magnet try on a pair of pants she loved at Strawberry in Union Square. She ended up passing on the pants, but I couldn't leave this treasure behind. It's so perfect because it adds the edge of a leather moto jacket without the bulk, making it super cozy and more importantly, wearable.

9-17-09 1

9-17-09 3

Hope your weekend is going better than mine! I will say a three hour afternoon nap has helped pull me out of my funk. Ah, naptime...

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Grr... I don't have to work until early afternoon on Thursdays and was soooo looking forward to a few hours this morning to take care of a ton of stuff that I'm behind on. But, I had no internet! Grrrrrrrrrr... Sooooo frustrating, because everything was online!

Whatever, it's back now and I'm off to work in a half hour.

So, I'll leave you with my Wednesday get-up. I kind of like it when my outfit consists of only 2 things: Dress. Boots.

9-16-09 2

This is the return of what my husband has coined the "prison dress." Actually, the first thing he said when he saw me yesterday morning was, "Yay! Prison dress!" I love you, too.

9-16-09 1

There's something about black and white that just begs for red. It seems too easy, but I couldn't resist.

9-16-09 3

Though the photos don't show it too well, I did a new topknot that I'm totally in love with and it attracted many compliments yesterday. In my ten minutes of speed blog-reading yesterday morning before work, I checked out La Rue Nueve's Hair Tutorial. I always wondered how she got her baby fine hair to look like such a lush pile of awesomeness in her topknot. I was under the impression that perhaps is was stuffed with some prosthetic foam or something - I'm not beyond that if it was. Anyway, thanks so much for tips, Christen!

Dress: JCP, $24 - Boots: Alice & Olivia for Payless, Weardrobe Conference swag bag

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Aaaaaaalllllll summer, all I craved was a straw fedora. I've tried them on WHERE EVER I go and have even bought one or two and returned them, because they just weren't perfect.

Okay, maybe I'm a little picky, but a girl has the right to the *perfect* straw fedora.

Just after I quit my job, I saw what looked like a promising candidate in PacSun at the mall. Since money was nonexistent, I didn't even try it on - no need to torture myself if it was "the one." But, as always, the universe was looking out for me.

PacSun was a huge sponsor at last weekend's Weardrobe Conference NYC and in addition to the jeans for our DIY project, they gave us each a gift card. Yay! As soon as I got the opportunity, I sped out to the mall and picked up the Perfect. Straw. Fedora.

9-15-09 1

For me, the perfection comes in the form of a short little brim and non-too-pointy top. And of course, it fits my little head.

Unfortunately, with fall moving in at a rapid pace, I may only get to where this beauty a couple more times before I carefully pack it away for next year's wear.

9-15-09 2

Fedora: PacSun, $15 - Dress: Ross, $9 - Jean Jacket: Vintage Wrangler of my mom's - Sandals: Ross, $9 - Belt: Gap Outlet, $5


Completely opposite from my last post, this post is going to be super short, but very sweet :)

Crazy busy this week, work, work, work... But here's a groovy little outfit I put together yesterday. There was zero - no planning involved with this. It just sort of cam together. I have to admit, I'm pretty happy with it. A little androgynous, super comfy and totally me.

9-14-09 1

Blazer - JCP, $30 ... Tank - Target, $6 ... Navy Blue Chinos - Target, $6 ... Belt - Gap Outlet, $5 ... Sandals - Ross, $9 ... Raybans - Courtesy of Lucky Style Spotter

9-14-09 2

Check out my new favorite toy...


It's a Nooka watch! Isn't is fun? Another wonderful treat from the Weardrobe Conference NYC swag bag.

Thanks, luvs! See you soon!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


This may be a slightly looooong post. I apologize. Not really, though, because it's good stuff.

In an attempt to cover most of the NYC weardrobe conference for you, I'm breaking it down, little by little. Today, let's recap day 2 of the conference and shout out to a few of the sponsors.

The day started with a groovy little brunch at Eat Records in Greenpoint. It was co-hosted by the awesome ladies of Fred Flare. After breakfast, they treated us to a little shopping spree in their eclectic little boutique across the street. I can't even begin to tell you how NICE they were. I would absolutely encourage you to check out their web site and/or store if you're in the area. They were so, soooo kind.

The Clothes Horse, My Style Pill, The Fashion Void that is DC and Kansas Couture

Bloggers shopping in Fred Flare

I used my gift card to by a cutesy little dress that I can't wait to show you, a pair of kitschy elephant earrings (you know how I feel about elephants) AND a pair of faux nerd glasses that I'm going to wear with pride no matter how much my friends make fun of me. Geek chic, anyone? ...anyone?


THEN, we hit up some thrift stores in the area. First up was Beacon's Closet. The selection was unbelievable and the staff was unbelievably rude. Whatevs... My purchases consisted of a fur hat (I don't know) and a cute cherry-print vintage top. Hmm... maybe I'll wear that tomorrow... After Beacon's was Buffalo Exchange where we were showered by the wonderfully generous staff with tote bags, t-shirts, fans (it was hot as balls) and water. Dude, shopping is tough work.

Some seriously worn out bloggin' ladies

From there, we moved on to Artists & Fleas which I told you about earlier. It was a garage full of indie designers, craftspeople and artists. So great!

At this point, we were exhausted! Sweaty, dehydrated, hungry and just all around icky. We reconvened for a little air-conditioning and DIY session at a workspace in Brooklyn. PacSun was a PHENOMENAL sponsor of our weekend and gave us a pile of denim to shred, stud, deconstruct and anything else our hearts desired. I opted to do some minimal studding on mine. Unfortunately, the jeans didn't fit me so well (these legs of death haven't fit into juniors jeans since third grade), so I recruited my childhood bestie to model my creation. Lucky for you, she's gorgeous and wore them well.

PacSun 1a

PacSun Details
Thanks, C!

After the DIY, we were swept away to the Lower East Side for wining and dining at Fat Hippo, courtesy of the girls from Gilt Group. (Be sure to check out the site and if you want an invite, drop me an email.) This night was one of the highest points of the weekend. The food, the company, the wine, the conversation. Awesome, AWESOME, AWESOMER!!! Afterward, we hit up Union Square for some more wine and a cheesecake to take back to the suite where we continued the chat fest into the wee morning hours. SO MUCH FUN!

Mmmm ... fondue sliders

Fat Hippo - the perfect end to a looooong day

I can't believe it was only a week ago - it feels like forever! Now I'm feeling a little sad and must go email some new friends...

But before I do that, here's a little outfit post for you. I told you it was good stuff!

9-13-09 3

Aren't these boots amazing?! They were in my swag bag! Alice & Olivia for Payless. Sweet! Technically, they fold down at the top, but I prefer them this way. They're soooo comfy and even fit my calves and high arches (two things that make flat boots a HUGE challenge for me).

9-13-09 2

Since the boots are so fierce on their own, I kept the rest pretty simple. A $9 black dress from Sears and a $10 scarf from H&M. I felt awesome in this and I can't WAIT to wear these boots again. Ah, love...

9-13-09 1

Friday, September 11, 2009



As promised, it's time for a fantastic giveaway here at BCC. Rebekah of Stella & Dot and I have teamed up to bring you some sweet offerings!

First up, GIVEAWAY!

We are giving one lucky reader this pair of Gilda Hoops. Beautiful, no? I can think of about 10 different ways to wear them just off the top of my head.

gilda gold hoop earrings

To enter, head over to Rebekah's Stella & Dot site and ooh and aah a lot. Then, leave a comment on THIS post with you favorite item.

Wanna up your chances?
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Please leave a separate comment for each entry and be sure to include the link to your blog or twitter!
Contest is open to all US, Canada and all other international readers! Yay! All entries must be in by Friday, September 25 at midnight EST. The winner will be drawn on the 26th. Good Luck!

sofia pearl bib necklace

Not feeling so lucky or have your eye on something else (like that killer pearl bib of mine)? For you, Rebekah is offering a 20% discount on all orders placed through her. Just tell her that you were referred by BCC. Just like the contest, this discount is also available for all US, Canadian and international readers. Be sure to email her directly for the discount. Woohoo!

This EXCLUSIVE discount will be available through the end of the contest period and will expire at midnight EST on Friday, September 25.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yay, it's almost Friday. That doesn't mean much to me anymore, but it's always kind of nice when it's the weekend even when you're working.

Anywho...I digress.

I'm feeling totally chic and cute today and much taller than I actually am. Hmmm....

9-10-09 3

Are you not DYING over my new necklace?! The wonderful Rebekah of Stella & Dot gave me this gorgeous necklace to work into my wardrobe. The best part is that she picked it out for me. If you haven't checked out Stella & Dot, you should. Their designs are amazing and their company is designed to promote women-owned business. Woohoo!

9-10-09 4

My other favorites from the site are the Love necklace, the Garden Party earrings, the Charlize Teardrop earrings, and the Charlize matching necklace. I could truly make this list go on and on. The eye candy is delish!

9-10-09 1

Even better? Rebekah is SOOOO awesome that she's not only going to be offering a Stella & Dot giveaway on Blue Collar Catwalk, she's ALSO offering all BCC readers an EXCLUSIVE discount! Holla!

I'll be posting all the deets tomorrow, so be sure to come back. Trust me, you don't want to miss out!

9-10-09 2

Black t-neck, Kohl's $3 - Oversized JCP pants, $20ish - Gap outlet belt, $5 - Madden Girl flats, $23 - Stella & Dot necklace


From what I can remember, day one of the weardrobe NYC conference was a blast. We all arrived at different times throughout the day, meeting at the ever so glamorous Gramercy Park Hotel. SOOOOO posh!

We then had a photo shoot with Eddie Newton, formerly of Style Sightings, presently of Mr. Newton. It was a ton of fun, but I'm definitely not made to be a model. There was some sweat involved...

Brooke, Keiko, Suzanne of weardrobe, Christine, Katy, Amy, Sara, Christine, Kelly, Noelle and Joelle

Upon first meeting, we were all pretty intimidated. As you can see, there was some SERIOUS style in one room. But everyone was super cool and very nice. There's something so refreshing about a room full of confident ladies. Woohoo!!!

After the photoshoot, we opened our goody bags. Double WOOHOO!!! We got some serious swag from some majorly generous sponsors (more to follow). Then, we got our NY slice. Pizza, of course.

This is what I wore for the first day of adventure. This 14 and a half cent thrifted one-piece took me through the whole day, from bus to subway, to photoshoot, to pizza.

Photo credit - Katy of Kansas Couture

Though, about 2 hours into my 4 hour bus ride, I had the horrifying realization that I was wearing a jumpsuit on the bus and I had to go the bathroom. Oh. Crap.

LUCKILY, the bus stopped at a proper rest area and I was able to disrobe and do my business without the added stress of keeping my balance and working in cramped spaces. Tragedy averted.

Once in NYC, I conquered the subway all by myself! It was awesome! Aside from the part where my suitcase got me jammed in the turnstile and it locked up before I got through, which resulted in me buying another ticket. I suppose I could have bugged the station attendant, but I'm far too bull-headed for that. On my home, I had ANOTHER mishap with the subway and my suitcase. This time my suitcase got through, but I ended up straddling the turnstile. Um...ouch. I don't think I've EVER wanted longer legs so badly!