Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm always amazed at how 70 degrees can feel so warm in April, yet so cool in September. This beautiful fall day called for a little fur and today's outfit was 100% inspired by this picture in an old issue of Lucky.

9-21-09 inspiration

While I would LOVE to own that coat, I do not. But a carbon copy is no fun anyway, so I made it work with what I have.

9-21-09 1

You've seen these DIYed harem-esque pants before as well as my dolman sleeve JCP sweater ($18). I broke out my bright flats that the photo calls for and topped off the look with another revent NYC purchase.

9-21-09 2

Fur vests are certainly all the rage this year, but the longer, fuller versions don't do much for my stature. When your figure is grounded by a defined waist, it is not a wise move to cover it up. I tried on a couple longer versions and while I LOVE them on others, they're a bit too much on me. Sort of looks like I'm being eaten alive by some creature.

9-21-09 3

On the other hand, a cute cropped version like this not only keeps my waist free and clear of bulk, but it also comes with a smaller price tag. Picked this beauty up at H&M for only $20!

I'm still experimenting with ways to work it into my wardrobe, but I think I'm off to a decent start.


  1. oh you look adorable. now i miss you! come over and hang out for dinner.

  2. Let me be honest, you look WAY cuter than the model! i love your outfit way better :)

    Btw, i have been so busy i never said welcome back from your trip to New York, so welcome back!
    I really really like this outfit, you look FANTASTIC!

    Love the new graphics on your sidebar by the way, they look really cool, you did a great job, your blog is looking awesome! =]

  3. Your hair is perfection, sooo pretty! I'm going to keep staying away from fur (ish) vests, they scare me a slight bit...
    Good on you to try something really new!

  4. You look so cute and comfy! I love it.

  5. love the vest on you. i am yet to try anything furry.

  6. You look incredibly adorable!! I love this outfit so much... I wore a similar vest on Saturday. Aren't they great?! =)

    And I completely agree... isn't it weird how 70 degrees is so different depending if it is pre or post summer. I am freezing right now, but if this was April I would be sporting the t-shirt and shorts. LOL

  7. Love the luxe/casual look! Worrrrk itttt.

  8. I like the little-ness of it! I tried on a longer one and it looked sort of awful on me. I do NOT have a waist, but, I think I need to avoid added too much bulk to my mid-section. Great styling, Kyla!

  9. Kyla, you rocked that fur vest! Love the whole outfit!

  10. Oh man! I love this vest. And the short cut on it is perfect for you. Casual yet freaking adorable.

  11. Beautiful best. It is amazing and looks sooooooo good on you!

  12. your inspiration translated perfectly! in fact i like it better. loving the vest!

  13. oooh I really like this outfit, the proportions that you've kept with the fur creates a very interesting silhouette!:)

  14. this is a great look! and your hair looks fantastic :)


  15. In case you can't tell by the multitude of fur vests I've been featuring on my blog, I LOVE fur for this fall. And this piece is no exception! It looks fantastic on you. I actually tried it on at H&M the other day but decided I needed to stop buying fur :)

    P.S. I am totally saving this post so that I can make my own version of this outfit once it cools off enough. Thanks for the inspiration!