Friday, October 30, 2009


10-30-09 1

Does anyone remember seeing this buffalo check coat at The Loft last winter?  It has a crew neck with no collar and was sold with a big black belt.  Anyone?  Oh, and it was also $179.

10-30-09 2

Well, I liked it then, but let it pass since it was kind of out of my price point.

Disclaimer:  I HATE buying coats.  We have awful winters and I always feel like it's so much money that I have no choice but to dump into a coat for my least favorite season.  Anyway...

So, I did really like the coat, I just didn't really like the idea of so much of shopping budget going for a 3/4 length coat.  BUT... I would TOTALLY pay $4 for it at Goodwill.  And that I did.

10-30-09 3

 After I brought this beauty home, it just sat there crying for a furry friend.  I knew it had to be paired with a fur collar or scarf and what do you think my mom showed up with the next day?  This vintage fur collar, most likely belonging to one of my late grandmothers.  It was destiny.

I had this outfit in my mind the other night and was really excited for today just so I could wear it. Since Fridays are spent running around town to odd jobs and client meetings, layers and comfort are key.  This was the perfect combination for all the hustling and bustling I had in store today.

10-30-09 4

The only bad thing is that I wore a pair of ped-like socks instead of normal socks and spent the entire day pulling them up over my heels.  Sooooo annoying!

10-30-09 5
The Loft Coat: thrifted, $4 - Black and White Striped Turtleneck: Ross, $3 - Custom Jeans: courtesy of indiDenim - Flats: Target w/ DIY studs, $10ish - Glasses: Fred Flare, $11 (haha - the most expensive part of the whole look!)



Sneak preview of my Halloween costume...any guesses?

Thursday, October 29, 2009


10-29-09 1

Last Monday, I took my daily shots in this exact place.  Look how much it's changed in a little over a week!  All the pretty leaves are on the ground now.  Sad face.

10-28-09 2

I was having one of those days where I could NOT decide what to wear.  I had nothing in mind and was feeling pretty meh.  I've been fighting something the last few days.  Go Team White Blood Cells!

In circumstances like these, I go for easy pieces that always work.  This LBD gets a LOT of wear.  If I figure it out to cost per wear, I think Sears is paying me to wear it at this point!  But, it always, always works.  And it's super easy to accessorize - nothing more than a jacket and boots in this case.  I'm sure I could've added a scarf and maybe some jewelry, but this was about all I could get out today.

10-29-09 3

This is not a wierd chicken dance.  I was trying to get Iggy to come into the pictures.  He's so stubborn!

In other news, I may or may not have gotten a new pair of boots today.  Hehe.  More on that later ...

10-29-09 4

Double butt shot!

I think there's something in the water.  I've been feeling a little goofier than usual this week!
Dress: Sears, $9 - Jacket: Kohl's, $20 - Boots: Payless, courtesy of Weardrobe Conference

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


10-28-09 1

Because we chose to go to the supermarket on our way home from work, I BARELY had enough light to take my photos tonight.  So, I had to milk it for all it was worth, hence the graininess.

10-28-09 2

Graininess aside, I love the colors.  So rugged and natural looking.  I almost blend in!

10-28-09 3

This sweater is going to get a lot of play this winter.  I tried it on at TJMaxx and decided not to get it.  Then, after I left, I couldn't get it out of my mind with it's rope-like belt and cozy, over-sized cowl neck..  I think I was so obsessed with wanting the sequin jacket that I tried on, that I couldn't think straight.  Needless to say, I opted against the sequins - loved it so much, but it was $50 and not very well made.  Since this sweater passed the pillow test (slept on it and was still thinking about it) I decided to go back the next day and snatch it up.  Luckily, it was still there.

10-28-09 bird

I have no idea what I'm doing in this picture, but it needed something.  SO, I preceded to entertain myself for the last 20 minutes by adding this dove.  The husband wants to know what I'm smiling at ... hehehe.  I entitle this photo: Procrastination.  Isn't it pretty?

10-28-09 last

Whatevs ... I'm out ...
Sweater: TJMaxx, $20 - Tee: Target - $3ish - Cargos: Gap, $25ish - Boots: Wanted, $30

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I almost forgot to tell you guys about the AWESOME giveaway going on right now at indiDenim!

Remember those awesome custom jeans of mine?  Want your own pair?
Enter here!

And hurry - the contest ends soon!!!!


10-27-09 1

My husband said that I looked like a superhero today.  But he's in the comic book biz, so I think he sees superheroes in everything .  I wonder what my super power would be...

10-27-09 2

I picked up this dress last week at Goodwill for $6.  I couldn't let that pretty gray snakeskin just sit there all by itself.  I had to bring it home to unlock its full potential.

10-27-09 3

Yesterday, I finally got around to altering it.  I whacked 15" off the hem and took in the top a little - it was quite "blousen" in it's original state.  And I also removed some serious shoulder pads!

10-27-09 4

I bought these tights last year, but have yet to wear them.  The gray was perfect for this dress!  I love the monochromatic look set off with my bright red super boots.

10-27-09 5

Today's weather was still beautiful for fall, but a little nip in the air required a light topper.  This little brocade number was the perfect weight.

10-27-09 6
Dress: Thrifted, $6 - Tights: Hue, $5ish - Boots: Payless, courtesy of the Weardrobe Conference

Monday, October 26, 2009


10-26-09 1

I'm kind of channeling my inner flight attendant today.  But, seriously, who wouldn't want to fly the friendly skies with this gal?

10-26-09 2

Speaking of friendly skies, it was another beautiful day in the neighborhood!  I'm so glad that the snow was so fleeting and we are still able to enjoy the fall air and scenery.

10-26-09 3

I'm wearing two of my FAVORITE fall acquisitions today.  My thrifted suede skirt and my red boots.  These boots are the BEST ice breaker.  You wouldn't BELIEVE how many people comment on them every time I wear them.  They either a.) really do like them or b.) the boots are so bright that people are shocked into saying something ... anything!

10-26-09 4

Have you noticed how much I rely on scarves to add a little flair to outfits in the cooler weather?  It's such an easy way to remix the basics!

P.S. During most of the writing on this post, Iggy kept scratching the back of my hand to get me to pet him.  Makes it a little tough to type, but it's too stinkin' cute!

Scarf: Vintage, Marnie's - Gray Oxford: Bitten by SJP (anyone else miss Steve & Barry's?), $10
Black Suede Skirt: Thrifted, $3 - Tights: Hue (by far my favorite brand), $11 - Boots: Alice & Olivia for Payless, courtesy of Payless and the Weardrobe Conference

Sunday, October 25, 2009


10-16-09 3

10-6-09 4


I recently had someone ask me where I find boots with a wider shaft.  I've mentioned before that knee-high boots are a tough item for me to find.  They are few and far between, but once in a while, I hit the jackpot.

Here are some tips and hints that have served me well in the past:

1.  I almost always look for slouchy styles.  They are much more forgiving, even when they are snug.  Plus, you can squish them down to a thinner part of your calf.  The brown boots above were found at Target a couple of year ago.  They are not an extended size, but the style is much more conducive to a wider calf.  I try to avoid styles that are straight up and down with a zipper, because the zipper will NEVER lay right on my curvy legs.

2.  Try them on, try them on, try them on ... you never know!  The boots in the top photo were a steal for $16 at Kohl's.  They are Candies, which I have found to have a wider shaft circumference on most of their styles.  I never would've thought that these would work, but was shocked when I tried them on and they fit perfectly!  They also have an adjustable buckle that helps tremendously.  Also, something with a slight heel helps to streamline the calf, making it fit in a boot even better.

3.  Don't be afraid to alter the style to best suit your needs.  The infamous red slouch boots are a major hit!  Again, I was shocked that I could even get my foot into them.  I also have a really high arch, which makes it difficult to get my heels into a flat boot.  Again, trying them on made a HUGE difference.  Originally, these boots are made to be cuffed at the top.  By uncuffing them, I was able to get an extra 2" in height, making the boots hit at a much more flattering place on my leg.  The slit in the back also helps them accommodate my wider leg.

4.  Look for places that sell extended calf boots.  One place I've had success with in the past is silhouettes.  They carry a great selection of stylish and moderately priced extended calf boots.  Also, zappos (and I'm sure there are other similar sites) include the shaft circumference of most boots in the description.  They also allow you to search for wide calf options.  Now that's service!

5.  And of course, look for materials that can be stretch, i.e. leather, suede, etc.  I have yet to shell out enough money on boots to have them made in these materials, but it is certainly another option.

If anyone has any other tips, I would love to hear them!  Just for the record, my calf measures about 16" around in the widest part and this is the smallest they've ever been.  So, take pride in those powerhouse gams and seek out the best-fitting boot you can find!  I promise, they're out there!

Friday, October 23, 2009


10-23-09 1

I'm sure you've all seen the other weardrobe bloggers sporting the Mickey revolution tee.  It was a lovely gift from the folks at Cheap Monday.  It's so groovy and is the perfect piece for a downtown vibe.

10-23-09 2

We're back to regular fall weather - 50's and rainy.  So, I had to go for cover to take my pics.

10-23-09 3

Anticipating the cooler temps, I layered up today.  I think I'm finally starting to enjoy layers.  I love the freedom of summer clothes so, so much that it's been hard for me to get into the groove of dressing for cooler air. But, I think I'm starting to hit my stride.

10-23-09 4

And, I'm going for one more wear of the fedora.  I'm loving the laid back feel today!

10-23-09 5

Happy weekend everyone!

Blazer: JCP, $30 - Cardigan: H&M, $25ish - Tee: courtesy of Cheap Monday - Custom Jeans: courtesy of indiDenim
Necklace: Thrifted - Sneakers: Keds, $26

Thursday, October 22, 2009


10-22-09 1

Today's outfit got the husband's seal of approval.

10-22-09 2

I kept trying to add all sorts of extra accessories to this outfit.  Vest, jacket, necklace, bracelet ... you name, I tried to add it.

10-22-09 5

Then, I finally came to the conclusion that less really is more.  And also that these are the greatest boots in the world!  I'm so excited to be rocking the cropped pants and ankle boots without having to wear heels!

10-22-09 4

Blue Oxford: SJP, $10 - Scarf: Vintage, Mom's - Cargos: Gap, $25ish - Boots: Wanted, $30

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


10-21-09 1

I'm thinking that prison dress + western edge = outlaw.  What do you think?

10-21-09 2

It was another glorious fall day today which warranted some outdoor folly for Meatball (husband), Iggy (dog), and I.  Aren't the leaves so pretty?

10-21-09 4

I'm completely aflutter with today's get up.  The shape ... the details ... it all just came together.  After yearning for a denim vest all summer, I finally scored one a few weeks ago at Goodwill for a whopping 30¢.  Hee haw!

10-21-09 5

Spiced things up a little with a red scarf and yellow beads.  The beads are vintage from Marnie's jewelry box.  Incidentally, today marks 3 years since she passed away.  I know she'd love how I'm styling up all her treasures.

10-21-09 6

Don't you all want someone to love you like this when you get home?  I love the action in his wagging tail!

10-21-09 7

Dress: JCP, $23 - Vest: thrifted, $.30 - Scarf: Mom's from Germany
Beads: Vintage, Marnie's - Boots: Wanted, $30

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


10-20-09 1

Thanks to The Weardrobe Conference and, I have my very first (implying more to come in the future!) pair of customized denim.  First impression: Love. Them.

10-20-09 2

If you're like me (and most women!), shopping for jeans can rank as one of the least fun things in an entire year's worth of activities!  It could possibly be right up there with the girly doctor, except it's actually more prolonged.

10-20-09 3

I was really skeptical of the whole process, but I'm a changed woman.  When I pulled these out of the package and slid them on, I was shocked.  I couldn't believe how they hugged every curve.

IndiDenim allows you to not only customize the fit of the jeans, but also the style.  I went for the highest rise they offer (in the future, I hope they will offer one even higher) with a flared leg.  This is usually the hardest style for me to find off the rack.  Flared jeans are generally cut way too narrow in the thigh with not nearly enough butt room.  But in this case, I was able to specify things like "full thigh" and "prominent rear" when ordering these jeans.  Also, I plan on wearing these jeans with flats only, so I wanted to make sure the inseam was short enough without having to chop off the shape of the flare.  I was also able to choose the size of the hem, so I went for the 1" hem in case I need to let them down a bit.  And with all those specifications, indiDenim nailed it!

The price is consistent with other premium denims, except you get exactly what you want.  Best part?  If they don't fit, you send them back and they do it again.  Now that's service!

10-20-09 4
(butt shot!)

Once I got them, all I wanted to pair with them was a drapey tee.  Since today was another perfect fall day, a light jacket was all I needed for comfort.  I LOVE this coat!  I bought on sale last year and hesitated about it for a bit, but I'm so glad I went for it!  It's the perfect jeans and a tee coat.  And what better way to bring everything full circle than a football field backdrop?

Jeans: courtesy of indiDenim - T-shirt: courtesy of Buffalo Exchange - Jacket: BonTon, $30 - Shoes: Target, $17

Monday, October 19, 2009


10-19-09 5

How cool is the sun in these pictures?  I'd like to say I'm really that good, but reality is that is was
purely accidental.  Nonetheless, it's pretty darn cool.

10-19-09 4

I FINALLY, after months of needing them, got new running shoes today!  Yay!  We are lucky enough to have an amazing athletic shoe store in town where the employees actually KNOW something about feet and shoes and fit you with the perfect shoe.  Even better, they guarantee the fit and will exchange them for a different pair is they don't work after a couple of weeks.  Cool, right?

10-19-09 3

So, I was able to take advantage of the beautiful fall day and went for a nice run.  It's been so long - it's gonna take a while to build up my endurance again.  Oh, well - I'll enjoy every minute of it!

10-19-09 2

After the run, I walked Iggy, showered, dressed and finished a chicken and rice soup I had going.  From scratch even - whole chicken and all!  Then, I lounged on the couch and worked away on some design work I had to get done.  Of all the purchases I've made in the last year (or even more), a laptop was by far the BEST, BEST, BEST!  I'm so happy I bit the bullet and just got one!  Then, I was off to an evening meeting.  The perfect Monday, no?

(For those of you who asked what I got, I got a Dell Inspirion.  As much as I LOVE Macs, they're just too expensive for me right now and all of my software is PC based.  Either way, I totally love my new laptop and would recommend it hands down.)

10-19-09 1

As for the outfit, I pulled out a favorite skirt from last year and my new boots.  With a little extra money burning a hole in my pocket, I found these shoes at the mall and couldn't resist!  I love that they're ankle high without being tight or heeled.  And they were only $30!  Me loves!

Skirt: JCP, $20ish - Tee: AA, $22 - Scarf: Vintage, Mom's - Cardigan: H&M, $25ish - Belt: Gap Outlet, $5 - Boots: Wanted, $30