Thursday, October 29, 2009


10-29-09 1

Last Monday, I took my daily shots in this exact place.  Look how much it's changed in a little over a week!  All the pretty leaves are on the ground now.  Sad face.

10-28-09 2

I was having one of those days where I could NOT decide what to wear.  I had nothing in mind and was feeling pretty meh.  I've been fighting something the last few days.  Go Team White Blood Cells!

In circumstances like these, I go for easy pieces that always work.  This LBD gets a LOT of wear.  If I figure it out to cost per wear, I think Sears is paying me to wear it at this point!  But, it always, always works.  And it's super easy to accessorize - nothing more than a jacket and boots in this case.  I'm sure I could've added a scarf and maybe some jewelry, but this was about all I could get out today.

10-29-09 3

This is not a wierd chicken dance.  I was trying to get Iggy to come into the pictures.  He's so stubborn!

In other news, I may or may not have gotten a new pair of boots today.  Hehe.  More on that later ...

10-29-09 4

Double butt shot!

I think there's something in the water.  I've been feeling a little goofier than usual this week!
Dress: Sears, $9 - Jacket: Kohl's, $20 - Boots: Payless, courtesy of Weardrobe Conference


  1. Go works. Love the posts. Outfit looks great. Hi to Iggy!

  2. You are so wierd.....ahahahaha!
    You are cute and increasingly fabulous every day! I have to see these new boots!

  3. Aw, I hope you feel better soon sweetie! Fight that cold! I love how these radical boots make even the simplest of outfits just pop. Lovely.

  4. Chug that OJ! :-)

    I love the shape of that little jacket - it is soooo cute!!

  5. Can't wait to see these new booties,
    although I doubt they could top these red babies.
    If I had a pair, I would wear them with everything too :)

    Doing interview post tomorrow all set for Monday - will email it to you before it "goes to print"

  6. It's amazing how quick the leaves can change and fall! I think the outfit looks great. Nothing like red boots to add all the spice you need!

  7. oh those boots... its amazing all that you have been able to do with them !

  8. I've been feeling like that too! Great go to look!

  9. Haha You are too funny! I love this outfit just the way it is. I think it is the perfect case of simple chic.

    Hope you feel better and I hope you have a great weekend! Happy Halloween!



  10. goofy is good, culd be Halloween related. :-)

  11. Cool Jacket! Love those boots. Sweet puppy, too.

  12. lol i looooove how you use cost per wear! I totally do the same thing to justify my purchases! Just makes sense, no?