Wednesday, March 31, 2010


3-31-10 1

Oh, what a beautiful day!  Check out that blue sky!

3-31-10 2
3-31-10 3
3-31-10 4

So, I realize that in theory, this outfit does not match at all.  Flannel and snakeskin together as one?  But when I put it all together, I just couldn't not wear it.  Something about it felt so right.

I thrifted these pants a couple of weeks ago and am totally smitten with them.  I was on a mission for a pair of high-waisted, pleated khakis and must have tried on about 5 pairs.  Of all the ugly-ass khakis in the world, how could I not find what I was looking for?!  Then, lo' and behold, the last pair was the pair.  How funny is it that every store seems to be remaking pants like this right now when Goodwills coast to coast are just loaded with them?  Keep your fancy pants, Zara - I got mine!

3-31-10 5
3-31-10 6
Flannel: Target boys, $5 - Pants: Thrifted, $6 - Belt: Thrifted, $1 - Shoes: Madden Girl, $23

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


3-30-10 1

I hope this outfit isn't as tired as I am!  I did not get enough sleep last night, and today is by far my most demanding day of the week.  Not a good combination.  I'm completely wiped - bedtime is rapidly approaching!

3-30-10 2

Warm weather is just around the corner, but we had to have one last day of chilly and damp.  While I'm pretty much over the colder weather, it was the perfect opportunity to try out this cute blazer I thrifted last week.

3-30-10 3

I generally don't invest in wool blazers for spring, but I couldn't resist the pretty neutral color or unique shape.  And I think I only paid about $4 for it!

3-30-10 4

You know what would've made this outfit perfect?
Those purty shoes I have coming in the mail!

3-30-10 5
Blazer: thrifted, $4 - Shirt: Bitten, $10 - Cords: JCP, $15 - Shoes: Clarks, $70 - Scarf: old!

Monday, March 29, 2010


etsy preview

If you've been a reader for a while now, then you know that I have a small business designing handmade wedding invitations.  While I thoroughly enjoy doing custom work, I've really been wanting to focus on my favorite designs.  So, after thinking long and hard about how I want to continue with Kalydoscope Designs, I'm thrilled to announce that I have launched an Etsy shop!

Please check it out and pass it on to anyone you may know who's getting married.  I've started with only five designs, but am making it a goal to add one new design each week.

Gah!  I'm so excited!  Finally!


3-29-10 1

Anybody else love that movie?  Who knew that little flying discs could make a girl so emotional?  Anyway, I only got a few pictures today before my batteries died.

3-29-10 2

This is probably the most undone look I've ever posted.  I was rushed out the door this morning and quite frankly, just didn't give a damn. It is my day off after all.  Just goes to show why you should always have a few great accessories to throw on just to pull things together a bit.  Namely, a trench, a great fedora, and a perky pair of flats.

3-29-10 3
Fedora: PacSun - Trench: Old Navy, $35 - Shirt: Shock Boutique, gift card - Tee: American Apparel, courtesy of
Buffalo Exchange - Leggings: Target, $13 - Shoes: Target, $17


Monday, Monday.

1.  Anyone else completely stoked about the weather this week?!  Right now, it's still kind of dreary, but the end of the week is going to be upper 70's!  Woohoo!

2.  I went to Plato's Closet today.  The one in our area just moved to a huge location and it was really nice.  I went on a whim and ended up getting a few things.  Since it seemed silly to pay for everything when I had a bunch of stuff at home to sell, I ran home and grabbed my loot.  The ended up taking only about 6 pairs of shoes - for only $15.  This is my biggest complaint about PC, though.  Their buying criteria sucks.  But, I just kept repeating to myself "sustainable fashion, sustainable fashion."  I did end up with a few cute pieces for only $8 after my credit, but it's still not nearly as fun as thrifting.  And while part of me felt like I had sold my soul to the devil, the other part thinks that because I only sold heels, it was more like selling the devil back to the devil.  Hmmm ... chew on that.

3.  I ran a 5K yesterday.  For the first time in over a year, I'm totally back into a running routine and was really looking forward to whopping my time from the New Year's Eve run.  It was the most unorganized race I've ever run, so we ended up having to yield to traffic and run around pedestrians coming down the last stretch, because no one seemed to make much of an effort to point out that there was a race going on.  Whatever.  The worst part is that is was cold and started raining right before we started.  I was so pumped and felt amazing about my run until I crossed the finish line and heard the time.  It was even longer than my NYE time!  WTF?!  So at first I thought it was just the rain, but after I started thinking about the route, I had another idea.  Sure enough, I went home and plotted the race into gmaps-pedometer to find that the course was 3.45 miles, not 3.1 (5K).  In that case, my time was awesome and I was happy again.  Just wet and cold.  Here's a little sneak peek of what I look like after running a 5K (+ about .25 miles)

race 1
They're pretty blurry, but it was raining and John was having a hard time focusing.

race 2
That blur on the right is me.  Apparently, it was an attempt at an action shot.  hehe

race 3
And this is me totally P.O.'d at my time.  Fun fact:  even my running pants are thrifted :)

4.  I had a lovely breakfast this morning with a very lovely lady again.  If you don't have a weekly breakfast date with someone you love, I highly recommend it.  It's the perfect start to the week.

5.  After a brief hiatus due to other projects, I have finally gotten back to my Etsy shop.  Look for the official announcement later today or tomorrow.  Hurrah!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Seriously, if you haven't check out GiltFuse, do so now!

I'm so pumped that I just caught the Boutique 9 sale and just scored a pair of taupe lace-less oxfords!  Perfect for the warmer weather and they were even on my list!

Hurry up!

Friday, March 26, 2010


3-26-10 1

Finally!  My first Mailbox Mavens post!

3-26-10 2
3-26-10 3

Jade sent me this awesome poncho just as the weather warmed up.  But, being spring in central Pennsylvania, that kind of weather doesn't stick this early in the season.  So, naturally, today it is a little bitey.  And windy to boot!

3-26-10 4

I probably could have used another layer, but I'm a survivor.  And I love this poncho way too much to cover it up!  I did get to wear it one other time, but didn't get picture because it was raining.  Let me tell you - this is the perfect thing to wear to the movies.  It's like taking a blanket, since the theater is always freezing.  And you can sneak all sort of treats in underneath it!

3-26-10 5

You can see how Jade wore it here.  I simply adore her look!

3-26-10 6
Poncho: Jade of Lowbrow Style, Mailbox Mavens - Sweater: Target, $16ish - Jeans: TJMaxx, $13
Shoes: DIYed Target, $10 - Bag: Hayden and Harnett, courtesy of the Weardrobe Conference


Hey, ya'll!  If you haven't signed up at, yet, today would be the day to do it.  They're having a Final Sale on TONS of designers and the prices are RIDONKULOUSLY cheap!

Go here to sign up.  Trust me, you won't regret it!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


3-24-10 1
3-24-10 2

I had an entirely different outfit ready to go for today.
Then, I checked the weather.  And put said outift away for a nicer day.

3-24-10 3

Since I was tapped out and tired, I turned to a rather recent source of inspiration - and Googled my girl Diane Keaton.  And found this.

3-24-10 4
3-24-10 5

Since it was late, there was no time for a test run, so I just crossed my fingers that it would work.  If I dare say so myself, it does.  I almost thought about selling this skirt, thinking I wouldn't have much of a need for a long plaid skirt.  Even though I've worn it twice before, I guess I figured my options were all played out. Now, I beg to differ ...

3-24-10 6

It just rippled in the breeze with such ease.

3-24-10 7
Shirt: Bitten, $10 - Belt: NY& Co, ? - Skirt: Thrifted, DIYed from dress to skirt
Shoes: Minnetonka - Clutch: Target, $8  - Jewelry: vintage

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


3-24-10 1

Oh, the simplicity of spring dressing!

3-24-10 2

There's nothing better than throwing on two articles of clothing, a pair of shoes and a little glitz and heading out the door.  No socks.  No layers.  No coat!

3-24-10 3
3-24-10 4

John deemed this the "most ridiculous" photo he's ever taken.
I think he meant most adorable!

3-24-10 5
Jumpsuit: Thrifted, 15¢ - Blazer: JCP, $30 - Shoes: Madden Girl, $23
Necklace: Shock Boutique, gift card won from Fell 4 Fashion

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


... the Mailbox Mavens!

I'm way behind on posting this, but here you go.  Christina of Fabulosity in Amish Country was awesome enough to put together a little nationwide clothing swap with some of the sweetest, coolest, funniest bloggers out there.  The roster includes:

Megan from the Discerning Fashionista
Amy from the Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire
Terra from Stylish White Female
Christina from Fabulosity in Amish Country
Tabitha from Fashion Therapist
Julia from Song of the Exile
Elyse from The Style Rider
Clare from Between Laundry Days
JoAnn from Sidewalk Chalk
Brianne from BrianneLee
AB from The Owl’s Closet
Jades from Lowbrow Style

It's been so awesome to get to know some of these girls better.  They are all so inspiring!

Stay tuned ...
Special thanks to Jade for the collage!


3-23-10 1

After my little soapbox performance about pants yesterday, I'm wearing a skirt.  Go figure...

3-23-10 2

I had a bitch of a time trying to figure our what to wear today.  Luckily, I did it last night or I would've been like 6 hours late for work!  Just kidding - it only took about an hour.  And possibly a half.  Anyway, I digress...  Today was a really challenging day to dress for.  First, it's spring - so, I'm kind of over my winter clothes.  Second, it was cold and rainy, which means no pants that will touch the ground and I'd need a little warmth and my shoes needed to be waterproof.  Third, I would be lugging a ton of stuff and reporting to 3 different job sites, so it had to be really comfortable and allow me fuuuuuuull range of motion.

3-23-10 3
3-23-10 4

So, when all else fails, you gotta go to the inspiration folder.  This outfit is 100% inspired by some of my favorite girls in the blogging community. Tabitha layered her striped dress like this the other day, and I wasn't kidding when I told her I was totally ripping it off!  And a while back, Terra tied a rope(ish) belt like this.  Duh, right?  Anyway, I also warned her that I would be copping her style!  At least I'm honest :)

Seriously, though - how cool is it to be inspired by kick-ass girls that are just like you and me?!

3-23-10 5

It's killing me to not add any red to this outfit!  I meant to add some red lipstick, but I just never got around to it.  It was a busy, busy day.  While I may not have gotten my fix of red, I did pull out these adorable anchor earrings that are just perfect!  They kind of made me giddy every time I caught a glimpse of my decked out lobes!

3-23-10 6
Dress: JCP, $24 - Belt: Ross, $4 - Oxford: Bitten, $10 - Socks: Target, $5 - Shoes:, $25
Earrings: courtesy of Bing Bang at the Weardrobe Conference NYC

Monday, March 22, 2010


3-22-10 1

I now pronounce the next six months as the Season of Pants.

3-22-10 2

I've been having a lot of fun playing with different shapes and silhouettes.  I LOVE feeling chill, but pulled together and stylish, and I think funky pants can do just that.

3-22-10 4

It's funny, because I think I've ignored pants for a long, long time.  I've always felt like my shape didn't allow for a lot of experimentation when it came to the "legged garment."  But now I've seen the light!  Admittedly, they take far more patience to find than anything else, but once you do find the perfect pair, life is good.

3-22-10 5

I've been really lucky at the thrift store lately (namely, my big baggies from yesterday) and my luck continues.  I went to the mall yesterday for a little spring browsing and ended up trying these on at JCPenney.  It's a shape that I would normally just write off as "not for me,"  but once I had them on, there was no denying that I had to get them.  Most days, jeans are not an option for me and I get really bored with plain old trousers.  Something like this is the perfect alternative!

So, tell me ... how do you like your pants?

3-22-10 6
Pants: JCP, $18 - Tee: TJ Maxx, $10 - Shoes: Madden Girl, $23 - Clutch: Target, $8ish


Oh, Monday, Monday...

1.  It's a little rainy today, but I'll take it over anything that resembles winter.  My heart truly goes out to all of you who got snow this past weekend.  I'm very, very sorry.

2.  If you haven't noticed, I've added a link in the left sidebar for all of my favorite blogs.  Check them out!

3.  We had dinner at the MiL's last night and she made the most amazing baked ziti!  However, it was not most amazing when I stepped on the scale this morning.  Totally worth it.

4.  Tonight's trivia night!  We took 2nd last week -- woohoo!  What a bunch of smart asses we are!

5.  I'm cooking again!  Today is Provencal Style something or other - I'm too lazy to get up and look at the recipe.  I have no idea what "Provencal Style" means, but it has chick peas in it and I'm having a love affair with chick peas lately.

Stay cool!

P.S.  On a more technical note, is anyone using the Windows 7 upgrade having issues streaming video?  Any tips?

Sunday, March 21, 2010


3-20-10 1

Okay, so I'm not a really mushy person, but this has to be said.  One of the many things I love about my husband is that he completely appreciates my style.  Sure, there's been outfits that he doesn't like and he'll tell me and that's fine, because I always appreciate his honesty and if I like it, that's all that really matters.  (I've always been more interested in clothes than boys.)  But most days, he surprises me.

3-20-10 2

Yesterday was one of those days.  I'm completely addicted to these pants and they are the most amazing thing on a sunny, spring day.  When I put this together, I was in love.  No doubt.  I assumed that Meatball wouldn't like it, since it's baggy and a little off beat.  But I was wrong.

3-20-10 3
3-20-10 4

He thought it looked really cool and the conversation went on like this:

ME:  I feel like Lisa ..... what's her name?  Lenny Kravitz's ex?
(Most of our conversations start with me being very forgetful and needing him to fill in the blanks.  What can I say?  It just works.)

MEATBALL:  Lisa Bonet.

ME: YES!  I feel like Denise Huxtable.

MEATBALL:  Yeah, I guess, but I was thinking it's much more like Diane Keaton.

I blushed :)  I know that he loves Diane Keaton's style and for some strange reason, it made me really happy that he made that connection.  This guy knows what he's talking about!

3-20-10 5

I realize that Diane Keaton is not a style icon that most guys would think of, but the Meatball has 9 years on me.  He's been around enough to know these things :)

3-20-10 6
Hat: Courtesy of PacSun - Blazer: JCP, $25 - Tee: American Apparel, $22
Pants: Thrifted, they were actually only $5 - Belt: Gap, gifted - Sandals: Ross, $9