Saturday, March 27, 2010


Seriously, if you haven't check out GiltFuse, do so now!

I'm so pumped that I just caught the Boutique 9 sale and just scored a pair of taupe lace-less oxfords!  Perfect for the warmer weather and they were even on my list!

Hurry up!


  1. Cute! Excited to see how you style these.

  2. Do you want me to choke you?

    I'm honored to be your favorite blogger of all time, I still remember the first time I commented here. I thought you were cute and I spotted you in a crowded room. I said to myself "I dig this chick, I want to be her friend". By which of course I meant stalking you and stalking you until one day I decided to start my own blog.

  3. great buy! I LOVE gilt and gilt fuse, but when they had their Jeffrey Campbell sale I discovered they don't ship to Canada! broke my heart. but I still check it all the time's so masochistic.

  4. Oh so fun! You are going to totally make a statement with these this Spring : ) LOVE them!

  5. Just want to say a little thank you! Since you listed Goldleaf on your picks I have seen some great traffic from your site! Thanks blog friend! :)

  6. ooh i LOVE those! they're a perfect not-too-bright gold. gotta go check out gilt fuse now :) ~joelle