Tuesday, June 30, 2009



It was a pretty rainy and crappy start this morning and I knew it was going to be unseasonably cool today. So, I threw on my cropped cargos (Gap, $27) with a simple white tank (Target, $6), the scarf that pulls every outfit out of the dumper (H&M, $10) and a pair of wedges with a little touch of hardware (Aerolsoles via Ross, $22). I'm a little 'eh about the whole thing, but I think it's mostly the hair. I need a trim - my bangs are starting to eat my face.

Monday, June 29, 2009


What better way to start the week than with a giveaway? The lovely chickdowntown.com is offering Blue Collar Catwalk readers the chance to win this AWESOME Tolani scarf! Isn't it GORGEOUS? I can't get enough of those colors!

You all know I'm a BIG fan of scarves, so it seemed a fitting prize for my first giveaway. I'm also becoming quite the maxi dress junkie (I'm actually wearing one right now) and chickdowntown.com has a fabulous selection of Gypsy 05 dresses that are sure to make you drool! Be sure to check them out!

Jonesin' for more? You can follow chickdowntown.com on facebook and twitter and be the first to know about all of their awesome giveaways!

To enter, leave a comment in the comment section of this post, describing your favorite way to wear a great scarf. Want an extra entry? Post a link to this giveaway on your blog. Just be sure to leave the link in the comments section.

All entries must be received by midnight EST on Monday, July 13. Contest is open to US entrants only. (Sorry, international readers!) The winner will be announced Tuesday July 14, so be sure to check back!


6-29-09 1

6-29-09 2

Okay, I admit I may have a problem. I am completely addicted to maxi dresses this year! They're just so flowy and cool and free.

I couldn't resist the braided detailing on the bodice of this one (Ross, $13). It's so Grecian goddess. A little boobilicious for a Monday, so I threw it over a tank of the same color (Target, $5). Accessorized with a colorful pendant necklace (Target, $3) and gold t-straps (Kenneth Cole Reaction, 6pm.com last season).

Since I have a meeting tonight, I wanted to sharpen the look a little, so I added the seersucker jacket (Target, $20). It's perfectly tailored and even has gold accenting. Perfecto!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Tigerlily at two thousand things sent me a Lovely Blog Award last week and I'm FINALLY getting around to picking it up. Lovely, I know.

I'm not one for rules and I couldn't possibly pick my favorite blogs, because I really think all of the blogs I read are quite lovely, so I'm not going to formerly pass it on. Know, though, ladies - I think you're all just fab!


Thanks so much, Tigerlily! If you've never checked out her blog, go on over. She's got some pretty cool stuff going on.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So I walk into my usual Dunkin' Donuts this morning ...

6-25-09 4

... and order my usual medium coffee, easy cream, one Splenda ...

6-25-09 3

... and the very nice DD guy, who knows me as a "regular" by now, says...

6-25-09 2

... and I quote ...

6-25-09 1

"You always wear the most interesting outfits."

Oh. Touché.

Shirt, H&M $25 - Belt, mom's closet - Skirt, Ross, $20 - Shoes, Ross, $9


zebra sunnies

Check out my new sunnies! Teal zebra print - what up?! And they were a measly $6 at Ross.
(This shot was a little too cleavagey, so if it looks photoshopped, it is.)


Paired with this super sexy feeling racer back tank dress (Ross, $10 - worn over a Target racer back tank, $6 - cinched with a pewter Gap Outlet belt, $5), I felt absolutely rock star!

snake sandals 6-24

And if that's not enough, I scored these killer CL by Laundry sandals at Ross for $9! I am loving me some snake skin right now!

This was yesterday's outfit. It lasted me through a LONG 12-hour work day. I did need a little more coverage for a meeting in the morning, so I threw my cropped tuxedo jacket over this. I didn't get a picture, but it totally changed the look, making it much sharper.

This goes on the favorites list for sure!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


6-23-09 1

6-23-09 2

As evident in these photos, the sun was a shinin' today! And it was hot and I am love-love-lovin' it! Iggy, not so much. He was panting quite a bit and had to be carried at the farmers' market because the black top was too hot and he kept lifting his feet up. Poor baby.

My outfits may be looking a little more conservative on a more regular basis and that is because I am leading 5 WW meetings a week now. This means I can't wear jeans on those days (no biggie in the summer) and I like to feel a little more pulled together and extra confident. There's not a whole lot that that eliminates in my wardrobe, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

Anywho, this is one of those combos that feels pretty crisp. While I COMPLETELY forgot to throw on my bangles and possibly a pair of earrings, the rest consists of The LOFT tank ($20) which fits like a glove, Limited shorts (Ross, $13) and Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals bought several years ago. The shirt has the prettiest crochet along the neckline, which creates a really angelic look around my face. So pretty. Unfortunately, the pictures are super bright, but you can get a better look at it in the second pic.

P.S. I'm listening to Radiohead this week. I'll post more tomorrow.

Monday, June 22, 2009


... it just wanted to play it cool and wait a few weeks to call...


6-22-09 2

6-22-09 detail

Needless to say, it FINALLY feels like late June around here. YAY!

This is not the outfit I put on this morning. That shirt (being my favorite grey AA deep V tee) had an unfortunate run in with a faulty olive oil spray nozzle. I'm still reeling...

Anyway, this outfit is much better - it inspired more accessories. So, thanks crappily- engineered piece of cheap plastic.

A tank and skirt is my favorite combo for summer. I've already sported it several different ways in the last few weeks. Today's pieces are a Target tank ($6), Target pearl necklace ($3), old braided gold belt ($12), The LOFT skirt (same as on Thursday and it has POCKETS!- $9.88), and my snake skin flats ($25). AND ... I did NOTHING to my hair today and it looks totally cute! Love it when that happens, but hate that I can NEVER recreate it!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


IH back

Went back to my roots on Saturday for my cousin's wedding. It was an absolute blast! Few things compare to a great wedding! The ceremony was in a small church in a very small town and was followed by an awesome reception in a nearby barn. It's so fun to see someone you've known your entire life enjoying such a memorable day.

In case this whole thing doesn't sound quite back country enough, this is my dad's refurbished 1958 International Harvester pick-up truck that my cousin and his new wife drove to the reception. Isn't it awesome?

IH and me

I couldn't resist a good photo op on it! And if you look really closely, you can see my husband's reflection in the back of the side mirror.

cornfield 2

Obviously, I found something to wear. Friday evening, I had approximately one hour to make a mad dash through the mall in hopes of finding something that was cute, could be styled up even cuter, and that didn't need any tailoring. With 20 minutes left to go, I popped into the last store in our humble mall and happened upon this little number. It fit like glove and was 50% off (Sears $30). Two of my favorite things! Oh, and it had pockets for snacks! I was sold!

It came with a black ribbon belt, which I promptly removed once I got home and roughed up the edges a bit with a patent studded belt, studded bracelet and black wedges with bronze details (which were RIDICULOUSLY comfortable - Aerosoles, Ross, $22). Best of all, it was a completely hassle-free outfit to wear all day. No constricting undergarments, painful shoes, or scroochy tops. Everything stayed firmly in its place.

The humidity was higher than the temperature (hence the kind of crazy hair) and there were several downpours throughout the day. But nothing that love, happiness and an open bar couldn't overcome.

Friday, June 19, 2009



6-19-09 2

6-19-09 1

I am ready to CRASH! It has been an INSANE week, but I pounded it out. Now, I'm going to go watch Clinton and Stacy do what they do and then, it's off to bed.

Super, duper casz Friday - jeans (SJP, $10), tank (Target, $3), sandalooties (Ross, $15), scarf of awesomeness (H&M, $10).

Oh ... FYI, my speedy flight around the mail yielded some sweet results for the wedding tomorrow. I'll be sure to post!


6-18-09 1

6-18-09 2

Oh, man - it's been a week!

I've taken on a lot more WW meetings and started all of them this week, which also means that I cut back a few hours a week at my first job. Yay! It's just been a little crazy, though. Especially because I'm still in the haze of wedding season. Whew!

So, because of all the new meetings, I had a LOT of first impressions to make this week. Which means that my outfits had to be extra pulled together, a bit more on the conservative side and even a tad more body conscious.

I didn't get a picture on Wednesday, but it was nothing special. All black, leopard cardi and red shoes. It was also rainy, cold and gross out. Blah!

So, this is yesterday's wears. It's not the outfit I intended on wearing, but it just sort of happened. It's okay, I guess. A little to vanilla for me. I felt a little overwhelmed by my clothing, which is an awful feeling. While I love each piece separately, I'm not a big fan of the combination. (Forever 21 tunic, $20-something - The Loft skirt, $9.88! marked down from $60! - Target sandals, $17 - thirfted Capezio purse, $1.75)

In other news, I'm going to a wedding tomorrow and have nothing to wear! Ahhhh!!! I have a back-up, of course, but nothing I'm feeling wowed about. I love dressing up for special events (since I don't go to many). so I'm off to the mall after work in a last ditch effort. Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


romper 16-15-09cut offs 1teal tank 2seersucka 1NYC balconybjb-2visitor-3dog-and-cat-2something's-different-2alleywrap-dress-2sweats-1dutch-angle

So, I realize I'm 5 minutes late to the party on this (fashionably late, if you will), but I just joined weardrobe yesterday, and O.M.G! Why did I not do this before?! As you may or may not know by now, I'm a HUGE list maker. Categorizing and organizing my thoughts and to-dos eases the racing mind feeling, which I get a lot. Three jobs, a blog and a social life will do that to person :)

Anyway, now my closet is one less thing I have to think about. Since starting this blog, I've only repeated the exact same outfits a handful of times and only on weekends. I'm CONSTANTLY remixing things. So much so that it becomes impossible to remember all of the combinations I've concocted. Weardrobe allows you to upload all of your outfits and tag each individual piece. It then keeps an index of ALL of your pieces. When you want to know how you styled a particular item, simply click on the item and it will present you with all coordinating outfits.

Pure. Genius.

Holy crap, I can't wait to upload the last 6 months worth of outfits! Woo! Woo!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


romper 3

romper 2

romper 1

I give to you ... my onesie. This is the most perfect little romper that I picked up at H&M ($30) in NYC a couple of weekends ago. Love, love, love it! So comfy, so fun.

Kept it casual today with a white cami (Target, $6), vintage scarf, bronze flats (JCP, $8) and my mom's old Wrangler jean jacket. And how cool is that purse? Another thrifted item from the same trip when I got the Chanel-esque bag. Another $1.75 well spent.

Can you believe tomorrow's forcast?! 60F and rainy! W.T.F.

Anyway, very funny comments on yesterday's post! Even my husband enjoyed them :)

Gotta run - busy week...

Monday, June 15, 2009


It's been a looooong day, so super quick post...


My husband's initial reaction to this dress? "It looks like a shower curtain."

Luckily, we agree to disagree on some things.

Picked this dress up a JCP last year on super clearance for somewhere in the $5-$10 range. It's so cute paired under this seersucker jacket (Target, $20).

Man, I love summer clothes...


I'm pretty excited about this week's listening experience! I recently started listening to Modest Mouse's Good News for People Who Love Bad News and love, love, love it. Modest Mouse, much like the Velvet Underground and Animal Collective, is another band I used to claim I couldn't stand! Stupid little girl...

So, this week, lovely husband gave me Modest Mouse's earlier album The Moon and Antarctica. I've heard a ton of people rave about this album, so I'm stoked to get in on the fun.

Go check it out!

Friday, June 12, 2009


duck pond 2

duck pond 1

duck pond 3

First, thank you all so much for all of your awesome comments, emails and positive vibes this week. It's just been a stellar week through and through, and you all play a part in that. Keep on reading and know that I appreciate every single one of my readers!

I'm way loving today's outfit. I'm feeling funky and confident and my husband pulled it out once again with the photos. He's just killing it!

The shirt was an H&M purchase ($25) in NYC last weekend. It was the first piece of the puzzle. Well, actually, I still had my sandals (KC Reaction, years ago $50ish - these are one of my favorite pairs of shoes of ALL time and of course, the ONLY pair of shoes that Iggy has ever attempted to eat! But, if you can't see it, I'm not pointing it out.) on from my previous outfit, but anyway, I digress... Soooo... because I firmly believe that you can't have black and white stripes without leopard print, the belt (H&M, $8 years ago) was a natural second.

Then, I looked pretty funny in my nicely belted tunic with no pants ... hmmm ...

The obvious choice with this ensemble was something in the red family, so I was THRILLED when I pulled out these shorts from last year (The Limited via TJMaxx, $13 or $16) and they completed everything so perfectly.

Wham, bam, thank you ma'am! I love it when that happens!


I don't know how she does it, but DaerOn rounds up the most crazy awesome giveaways out there and she's dedicated an entire blog to them. Visit OhMyGiveaway for your chance at all sorts of freebies!



cut offs 2

cut offs 1

(hehehe - my dog is mooning you!)

...anyway, these are by FAAAAAR the shortest shorts I've owned since like 9th grade. As you already know, I'm a lover of walking shorts, but above the knee shorts and I have a spotty history. I've always had a hard time feeling confident in them, because I have never had slender legs, at least not beyond the age of 7. I can remember being self-conscious about my legs in 5th grade.

Then after college and before losing weight, I would have done anything to have those legs that I hated for so long. Now, that I have them back, I think I'm finely starting to come around. They are not long. They are not tall glasses of water. And they've got some mean curve to them! But what they are is really strong and I'm very thankful for that. They may not showcase a great mini, but they do showcase some hard-earned muscle.

A while back, someone left a comment on my blog complimenting my calves. It was out of the blue and the very kind commenter noted the muscle tone that made them so "sexy." I often think about that comment when I'm having crummy low-confidence days. (You know who you are lovely commentor, so thanks again!)

Then, yesterday, Sal over at Already Pretty had this most excellent post/discussion about strong female bodies that I can totally relate to. So, go check it out.

As I get older and learn to better care for my body, I'm much more accepting of it. I think I can finally honestly say that I don't hate any part of my body. Of course there are parts that I love more than others, but hate is such a strong word and to use it on myself would be unjust.

So, as far as the outfit goes, I like the concept very much. I don't know that I will wear the shorts very often, but they do allow me the opportunity to practice feeling that my lesser-loved body parts are also sexy. And practice makes perfect.

(Blazer, JCP $30 - T-shirt, AA $22 - Necklace, Target $cheap - Cut offs, thrifted jeans $4, then DIY - bag, thrifted $1.75 - sandals, Target $17)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yay! Tracey over at Glamour's Slaves to Fashion blog was kind enough to feature me as her Best Dressed Reader of the Day. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

(...Big Smiles...)

Check it out!

STF 6-11

You can go to the link or click on the pic for a better view.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


drop waist 1

drop waist 3

drop waist 2

My husband was nice enough to take my pictures today. Which also means I was nice enough to let him use my new camera :) I was pretty impressed with his masterpieces. I think he did a darn good job! Thanks, babe!

Anywho, here's yet another jersey dress. I will most likely be living in all things jersey until the winter. It's just too comfy not to.

Picked this dress up at Ross for $10, paired it with the gladiathongs (Ross, $10) and that kitchy necklace from Kohls' ($11). How funny is it that my necklace is the most expensive thing?

I had to pair a tank under the dress for work, but this is not the tank I prefer. The one I usually wear is much less intrusive, but it is also much dirtier. I wore it in the city on Saturday, so it's way smelly :)

Two days until the weekend! Hang in there, guys!