Wednesday, June 10, 2009


drop waist 1

drop waist 3

drop waist 2

My husband was nice enough to take my pictures today. Which also means I was nice enough to let him use my new camera :) I was pretty impressed with his masterpieces. I think he did a darn good job! Thanks, babe!

Anywho, here's yet another jersey dress. I will most likely be living in all things jersey until the winter. It's just too comfy not to.

Picked this dress up at Ross for $10, paired it with the gladiathongs (Ross, $10) and that kitchy necklace from Kohls' ($11). How funny is it that my necklace is the most expensive thing?

I had to pair a tank under the dress for work, but this is not the tank I prefer. The one I usually wear is much less intrusive, but it is also much dirtier. I wore it in the city on Saturday, so it's way smelly :)

Two days until the weekend! Hang in there, guys!


  1. Cute as usual, and random picture in the top right of the first photo, very artistic:D

  2. Oooh- you look incredibly chic *and* comfortable! The detail on the back of the dress is great!

  3. cute dress! you could even wear it as a beach coverup. I'm sooo jealous of your camera ;)

  4. I love the detail on the back of that blue top! And i so agree with you about the comfort factor of jersey 8) HAHA

  5. I really enjoy reading your blog. It's nice to see someone having fun with fashion who doesn't spend thousands upon thousands on their clothes. Some blogs out there are really un-realistic with the pieces they show and the way they wear them. Walking around town in 5 inch heels? I think not.
    Its especially nice to see someone enjoying their body after massive weight loss. As a fellow WW alumni, I salute you!

  6. I love the back of this dress!!! And the guy in the portrait perving on you is brilliant... Haha, that's one of my best girls who wrote the comment before, I got her hooked on your blog!!!

  7. I sure love your haircut! I've been wanting to tell you since you got it done.

  8. That first pic is great, well done Keyla's husband! I love love love that dress!