Friday, June 19, 2009


6-18-09 1

6-18-09 2

Oh, man - it's been a week!

I've taken on a lot more WW meetings and started all of them this week, which also means that I cut back a few hours a week at my first job. Yay! It's just been a little crazy, though. Especially because I'm still in the haze of wedding season. Whew!

So, because of all the new meetings, I had a LOT of first impressions to make this week. Which means that my outfits had to be extra pulled together, a bit more on the conservative side and even a tad more body conscious.

I didn't get a picture on Wednesday, but it was nothing special. All black, leopard cardi and red shoes. It was also rainy, cold and gross out. Blah!

So, this is yesterday's wears. It's not the outfit I intended on wearing, but it just sort of happened. It's okay, I guess. A little to vanilla for me. I felt a little overwhelmed by my clothing, which is an awful feeling. While I love each piece separately, I'm not a big fan of the combination. (Forever 21 tunic, $20-something - The Loft skirt, $9.88! marked down from $60! - Target sandals, $17 - thirfted Capezio purse, $1.75)

In other news, I'm going to a wedding tomorrow and have nothing to wear! Ahhhh!!! I have a back-up, of course, but nothing I'm feeling wowed about. I love dressing up for special events (since I don't go to many). so I'm off to the mall after work in a last ditch effort. Wish me luck!


  1. Your outfit is cute and the purse is fab. I have "off" days too. Sometimes you just need someone to say "Wow you look cute" and you feel better.
    WOW! You looke cute!

  2. really?! i think the combination is perfect! you look wonderufl in this top!

  3. I both have and love that tunic! And even if you feel a bit vanilla, I think you look fab! Vanilla is a classic for a reason. ;)

  4. Love that boho tunic on you! Similar to one I've been eying at Alloy.

    Have fun at the wedding tomorrow!

  5. That skirt fits you perfectly! It really emphasizes your little waist.