Thursday, June 18, 2009


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So, I realize I'm 5 minutes late to the party on this (fashionably late, if you will), but I just joined weardrobe yesterday, and O.M.G! Why did I not do this before?! As you may or may not know by now, I'm a HUGE list maker. Categorizing and organizing my thoughts and to-dos eases the racing mind feeling, which I get a lot. Three jobs, a blog and a social life will do that to person :)

Anyway, now my closet is one less thing I have to think about. Since starting this blog, I've only repeated the exact same outfits a handful of times and only on weekends. I'm CONSTANTLY remixing things. So much so that it becomes impossible to remember all of the combinations I've concocted. Weardrobe allows you to upload all of your outfits and tag each individual piece. It then keeps an index of ALL of your pieces. When you want to know how you styled a particular item, simply click on the item and it will present you with all coordinating outfits.

Pure. Genius.

Holy crap, I can't wait to upload the last 6 months worth of outfits! Woo! Woo!


  1. How cool is that! Now, if only I had a wardrobe.

    Anyway, just dropped by because I found this link I thought you might like.

    Your blog is looking Fabulous! I love the touch of music. "Fashion for the Soul"
    Here's the link. Hope to see you next trip up...

  2. love how they all look so good together like this!

  3. I was a weardrobe virgin too- until a couple weeks ago! Love love love it! Set aside like a whole day, it takes some time!

  4. Oh, I'm on Weardrobe, too... just started a few weeks ago. Uploading my winter outfits was too funny! I'll be sure to add you as friend. :)

  5. Great tunic! Can't wait to see what you find for the wedding!