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I recently had someone ask me where I find boots with a wider shaft.  I've mentioned before that knee-high boots are a tough item for me to find.  They are few and far between, but once in a while, I hit the jackpot.

Here are some tips and hints that have served me well in the past:

1.  I almost always look for slouchy styles.  They are much more forgiving, even when they are snug.  Plus, you can squish them down to a thinner part of your calf.  The brown boots above were found at Target a couple of year ago.  They are not an extended size, but the style is much more conducive to a wider calf.  I try to avoid styles that are straight up and down with a zipper, because the zipper will NEVER lay right on my curvy legs.

2.  Try them on, try them on, try them on ... you never know!  The boots in the top photo were a steal for $16 at Kohl's.  They are Candies, which I have found to have a wider shaft circumference on most of their styles.  I never would've thought that these would work, but was shocked when I tried them on and they fit perfectly!  They also have an adjustable buckle that helps tremendously.  Also, something with a slight heel helps to streamline the calf, making it fit in a boot even better.

3.  Don't be afraid to alter the style to best suit your needs.  The infamous red slouch boots are a major hit!  Again, I was shocked that I could even get my foot into them.  I also have a really high arch, which makes it difficult to get my heels into a flat boot.  Again, trying them on made a HUGE difference.  Originally, these boots are made to be cuffed at the top.  By uncuffing them, I was able to get an extra 2" in height, making the boots hit at a much more flattering place on my leg.  The slit in the back also helps them accommodate my wider leg.

4.  Look for places that sell extended calf boots.  One place I've had success with in the past is silhouettes.  They carry a great selection of stylish and moderately priced extended calf boots.  Also, zappos (and I'm sure there are other similar sites) include the shaft circumference of most boots in the description.  They also allow you to search for wide calf options.  Now that's service!

5.  And of course, look for materials that can be stretch, i.e. leather, suede, etc.  I have yet to shell out enough money on boots to have them made in these materials, but it is certainly another option.

If anyone has any other tips, I would love to hear them!  Just for the record, my calf measures about 16" around in the widest part and this is the smallest they've ever been.  So, take pride in those powerhouse gams and seek out the best-fitting boot you can find!  I promise, they're out there!


  1. (first, your title made me laugh)
    i love your boots dear
    and thanks for the tips, ill use them when (if?) i go shopping anytime soon

  2. Thank you for this. I have fat calves and always have a hard time finding boots. Like you I go for the slouchy styles and absolutely no zippers....those are the ones that make me cry. However, I have been lucky with Frye boots and Chinese Laundry. Great tips!

  3. great post. it's nice you are helping out. you look so cute in the argyle pic!

  4. Hi there I have wider calves as well (15) and I tend to have the best luck with also slouchy boots and lots of vintage - especially 80s amd cowboy styles. If your feet are lasrge enogh (size 9 or 10) mens boots are available to you as well. I also tend to carry around a measuring tape to (among other uses) avoid the cringe inducing moment when boots do not fit my calf!

  5. Nice to know someone else has this problem!! No-one ever believes me when I tell them I have a devil of a time finding boots that fit my calves... anyway, great tips!

  6. Great tips! I definitely find that the boots with adjustable width (be it by extra straps or hidden folds) are great for wider calves. Mine aren't that wide but some boots are ridiculously narrow.

  7. i love the last are looking so cute.

  8. whoaa coolest boots and lovely that awesome cardigan and hat

  9. I'd like to stick up for my fellow Canadians...we do not talk like that...end rant. I do, however, say "eh" alot and any time I visit the states try my darnest not to.

    Oh and I find it kind of funny that you measured your do that to my thighs.
    I think that shelling out the money for a leather or suede option is well worth it. If you get a good leather pair of boots they will last a LOOONNGG time and are much softer and comfy. I'm too much of a snob to wear anything but.

  10. I have to say, the industry has gotten waaaayyy better at offering wider calved boots. You offer some excellent points....Great Post!!!

  11. Adorable post!! Great tips too! :)


  12. these are all good tips! i hate boot shopping so much- i got my leg stuck in a pair once and now i hate trying them on at all (a nice sales guy was able to get the boot off by hitting the sole of the boot in some magical way, and it popped off.. but still, i was so embarrassed!). anyway, i love all these boots, especially the bright red! ~joelle

  13. Thanks for addressing this issue, Kyla! I, too, have struggled with the wider-calf, lack of boot options dilemma, but everytime I think I'm going to give up, I just keep looking/trying!

    Also, that last picture of you is so cute! I love the hat, sweater, and those boots really make the outfit. Love your style!

  14. You are my hero, Kayla!! Thanks for devoting a whole well-written post to my question.

    My calves are somewhere between 16" and 16.5" as well, so you serve as an example that though it takes alot more work than girls with skinny calves, it's possible!!

    I recently found 2 black pair on (I mentioned them in a blog post this weekend), so I agree that retailers have been doing a much better job this year of offering tall boots for larger calves.

    I found a couple pairs of leather ext. calf boots last year but all I could find were simply or dowdy styles, when I tend to prefer edgier stuff. So I gave those to my older sister, who loves them.

    I will also add that J Crew tends to offer alot of their style in extended calf. I just won a pair of brown suede on eBay, I can't wait till they get here to see if they fit.

    Thanks again for being such an awesome example of all things fashion!

  15. Great advice! I rarely find boots that fit me. I recently found a pair that did (Candie's, actually), but they hit in a really unflattering spot, so I had to say "no." I do have a pair of awesome riding boots at home that I used to fit into when I was a bit skinnier... someday perhaps they'll fit again. Or I could get them stretched. I've never tried it, but I hear it's a great option for gals with bigger calves.

  16. Hooray for women with athletic calves who aren't afraid to rock tall boots! I myself am a huge fan of knee high boots but my years of soccer and running make for a complicated relationship. Thanks for this excellent post and for your great photos and style.