Monday, October 26, 2009


10-26-09 1

I'm kind of channeling my inner flight attendant today.  But, seriously, who wouldn't want to fly the friendly skies with this gal?

10-26-09 2

Speaking of friendly skies, it was another beautiful day in the neighborhood!  I'm so glad that the snow was so fleeting and we are still able to enjoy the fall air and scenery.

10-26-09 3

I'm wearing two of my FAVORITE fall acquisitions today.  My thrifted suede skirt and my red boots.  These boots are the BEST ice breaker.  You wouldn't BELIEVE how many people comment on them every time I wear them.  They either a.) really do like them or b.) the boots are so bright that people are shocked into saying something ... anything!

10-26-09 4

Have you noticed how much I rely on scarves to add a little flair to outfits in the cooler weather?  It's such an easy way to remix the basics!

P.S. During most of the writing on this post, Iggy kept scratching the back of my hand to get me to pet him.  Makes it a little tough to type, but it's too stinkin' cute!

Scarf: Vintage, Marnie's - Gray Oxford: Bitten by SJP (anyone else miss Steve & Barry's?), $10
Black Suede Skirt: Thrifted, $3 - Tights: Hue (by far my favorite brand), $11 - Boots: Alice & Olivia for Payless, courtesy of Payless and the Weardrobe Conference


  1. I adore this outfit. Those boots are pretty eye-catching (in the best possible way!)

  2. Stunning! I love this outfit, and you're the best there is at adding a little scarf flair to a simple outfit.

  3. awwwwww...iggy!!! what a cutie!!! i think he and zelda need a play date!

  4. I do love those red boots! And I love how you've tied on the scarf... very flight attendant chic :)

  5. You are one of the adorable "flight attendants" I have ever seen! This outfit is so wonderful- I love how you work the boots with the scarf!


  6. Love that skirt, great find!

  7. Aw, I wish I'd taken a photo of the scarfe I added to my work interview outfit.. One of my 'friends' said they'd lose it.. but the clothes I was wearing weren't mine & I needed splash of colour.

    Anyway, that aside, you look fab. As always :)

  8. i LOVE this
    gorgeous darling
    the red boots are totally flawless and a mad piece of perfection
    love it!

    check out my blog @

  9. whoaa cool that red fabulous boots with nice scarf ;))

  10. Darling, you are getting skinner and skinner...
    Lovely outfit :)

  11. Your cheekbones kill me. Smashing outfit, I love those red boots.
    No offense taken to the "A-boot" comment... Just sticking up for my people...LOL!!

  12. Oh, Steve and Barry's I miss it so. Barely anything fit right, and they never changed their inventory, but when you found a gem it was amazing and CHEAP!

    Adorable outfit. I wish I had some hot red boots!

  13. love the boots too! you look great!

  14. ha someone said i look like a flight attendant once but said it in such a way i never wore that combo again! man i shouldnt pay attention to people! well at least not ones who dont agree with me ;P
    you are one cute attendant!! yes! :)

  15. you definitely look like a flight attendant!

  16. those boots ARE great... i am sure you are much nicer than a bunch of flight attendants out there...

  17. Love this outfit! Lookin' for some fab, red boots now...


  18. I love this outfit. I need to start wearing the 30+ scarves I have, always buying but never wearing!