Tuesday, October 20, 2009


10-20-09 1

Thanks to The Weardrobe Conference and indiDenim.com, I have my very first (implying more to come in the future!) pair of customized denim.  First impression: Love. Them.

10-20-09 2

If you're like me (and most women!), shopping for jeans can rank as one of the least fun things in an entire year's worth of activities!  It could possibly be right up there with the girly doctor, except it's actually more prolonged.

10-20-09 3

I was really skeptical of the whole process, but I'm a changed woman.  When I pulled these out of the package and slid them on, I was shocked.  I couldn't believe how they hugged every curve.

IndiDenim allows you to not only customize the fit of the jeans, but also the style.  I went for the highest rise they offer (in the future, I hope they will offer one even higher) with a flared leg.  This is usually the hardest style for me to find off the rack.  Flared jeans are generally cut way too narrow in the thigh with not nearly enough butt room.  But in this case, I was able to specify things like "full thigh" and "prominent rear" when ordering these jeans.  Also, I plan on wearing these jeans with flats only, so I wanted to make sure the inseam was short enough without having to chop off the shape of the flare.  I was also able to choose the size of the hem, so I went for the 1" hem in case I need to let them down a bit.  And with all those specifications, indiDenim nailed it!

The price is consistent with other premium denims, except you get exactly what you want.  Best part?  If they don't fit, you send them back and they do it again.  Now that's service!

10-20-09 4
(butt shot!)

Once I got them, all I wanted to pair with them was a drapey tee.  Since today was another perfect fall day, a light jacket was all I needed for comfort.  I LOVE this coat!  I bought on sale last year and hesitated about it for a bit, but I'm so glad I went for it!  It's the perfect jeans and a tee coat.  And what better way to bring everything full circle than a football field backdrop?

Jeans: courtesy of indiDenim - T-shirt: courtesy of Buffalo Exchange - Jacket: BonTon, $30 - Shoes: Target, $17


  1. i am so excited for you!!! those jeans fit you so well, of course! now i am even more excited than ever about getting my own pair in the mail. this is really promising...

    and that jacket is adorable. i love it!!!

  2. Cute jeans. I LOVE the jacket. At first I didn't even realize it was plaid. I love it!

  3. Wow, the jeans fit great! I have the same problem: the pants I buy are huge in the waist and still kinda' tight in the thigh. It is the worst thing ever. And since I'm considered tall, it makes it even worse.
    Again, these look so amazing on you!


  4. they look great! i agree about the jeans shopping. i hate it. same problems plague me too. too tight through the thigh, not enough butt room. i just got some joe's booty cut jeans at off 5th. i crack up over the booty cut bit, but they work for me.

  5. What a fantastic idea! I feel your pain on jeans shopping. Yay for having perfect fitting jeans!

  6. They are indeed seriously glove-like, and you look very chic and comfortable in them.

  7. u looked stunning!!
    cool pictures and style.
    lovely ur shirt and jacket.
    oh my ur baggy jeans :))

  8. Gorgeous jeans FTW! Very nice. They look fantastic.

  9. I've been reading your blog for a while but just had to come out of the woodwork to compliment you on your new jeans. They look fabulous! I have a very similar body shape, so I'm definitely adding jeans from indiDenim to my to-purchase list!

  10. those look great! I really want some customized jeans now!

  11. They are fabulous! I've been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over IndiDenim for a while now. I am thinking that I will ask for a paid for Christmas. I am convinced they'll change my life! Hahaha!

  12. Fabulous jeans Klya!

    They look great.

    I always struggle to decide what top to pair with the jeans. I always felt like I needed a slim fitting plain top, but the drapey tee looks great!

  13. Those jeans are fabulous! I want a pair!!

  14. you look great in the jeans =]

  15. WOW! I saw the website and went through it all but was a little skeptical. I may have to do this in the future for the perfect skinny jean. I have been needing a pair for a while but they all fit wrong. I also LOVE the high rise, sucks it all in the right places!

  16. Stop right there!! Can I just tell you that you take the most amazing pictures! I love all the new places you find and how perfectly you capture your outfit. :)

    Those jeans look amazing on you! Love customed jeans!


  17. They are awesome! I want some!! Thats it, I'm saving up....

  18. They look amazing on you (and your butt!~ So perky!)

  19. love this in every way
    the pants are flawless and make the outfit
    gorgeous, thanks for sharing

    check out my blog @

  20. I laughed out loud when you compared jean shopping to girly doctors. Ugh, it's can get mortifying. The jeans are great. I might need to put something like this on my christmas list.

  21. Great jeans, and I am soooo jealous of that coat. Your outfit is just too cool!!

  22. these look fab!
    definitely looking into getting a pair :) congrats on yet another brilliant outfit!


  23. Those are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! [exclamation points to infinity and beyond that some more;)]

  24. Look at that butt! :D

    They fit you very well- def. going to keep this in mind next time I am looking for the perfect pair of jeans!