Sunday, September 13, 2009


This may be a slightly looooong post. I apologize. Not really, though, because it's good stuff.

In an attempt to cover most of the NYC weardrobe conference for you, I'm breaking it down, little by little. Today, let's recap day 2 of the conference and shout out to a few of the sponsors.

The day started with a groovy little brunch at Eat Records in Greenpoint. It was co-hosted by the awesome ladies of Fred Flare. After breakfast, they treated us to a little shopping spree in their eclectic little boutique across the street. I can't even begin to tell you how NICE they were. I would absolutely encourage you to check out their web site and/or store if you're in the area. They were so, soooo kind.

The Clothes Horse, My Style Pill, The Fashion Void that is DC and Kansas Couture

Bloggers shopping in Fred Flare

I used my gift card to by a cutesy little dress that I can't wait to show you, a pair of kitschy elephant earrings (you know how I feel about elephants) AND a pair of faux nerd glasses that I'm going to wear with pride no matter how much my friends make fun of me. Geek chic, anyone? ...anyone?


THEN, we hit up some thrift stores in the area. First up was Beacon's Closet. The selection was unbelievable and the staff was unbelievably rude. Whatevs... My purchases consisted of a fur hat (I don't know) and a cute cherry-print vintage top. Hmm... maybe I'll wear that tomorrow... After Beacon's was Buffalo Exchange where we were showered by the wonderfully generous staff with tote bags, t-shirts, fans (it was hot as balls) and water. Dude, shopping is tough work.

Some seriously worn out bloggin' ladies

From there, we moved on to Artists & Fleas which I told you about earlier. It was a garage full of indie designers, craftspeople and artists. So great!

At this point, we were exhausted! Sweaty, dehydrated, hungry and just all around icky. We reconvened for a little air-conditioning and DIY session at a workspace in Brooklyn. PacSun was a PHENOMENAL sponsor of our weekend and gave us a pile of denim to shred, stud, deconstruct and anything else our hearts desired. I opted to do some minimal studding on mine. Unfortunately, the jeans didn't fit me so well (these legs of death haven't fit into juniors jeans since third grade), so I recruited my childhood bestie to model my creation. Lucky for you, she's gorgeous and wore them well.

PacSun 1a

PacSun Details
Thanks, C!

After the DIY, we were swept away to the Lower East Side for wining and dining at Fat Hippo, courtesy of the girls from Gilt Group. (Be sure to check out the site and if you want an invite, drop me an email.) This night was one of the highest points of the weekend. The food, the company, the wine, the conversation. Awesome, AWESOME, AWESOMER!!! Afterward, we hit up Union Square for some more wine and a cheesecake to take back to the suite where we continued the chat fest into the wee morning hours. SO MUCH FUN!

Mmmm ... fondue sliders

Fat Hippo - the perfect end to a looooong day

I can't believe it was only a week ago - it feels like forever! Now I'm feeling a little sad and must go email some new friends...

But before I do that, here's a little outfit post for you. I told you it was good stuff!

9-13-09 3

Aren't these boots amazing?! They were in my swag bag! Alice & Olivia for Payless. Sweet! Technically, they fold down at the top, but I prefer them this way. They're soooo comfy and even fit my calves and high arches (two things that make flat boots a HUGE challenge for me).

9-13-09 2

Since the boots are so fierce on their own, I kept the rest pretty simple. A $9 black dress from Sears and a $10 scarf from H&M. I felt awesome in this and I can't WAIT to wear these boots again. Ah, love...

9-13-09 1


  1. the fringe on that scarf is really beautiful
    the pop with the red boot makes the little black dress just that more classic
    thanks for sharing this inspiration, loving it

    check out my blog @

  2. kyla, those boots look amazing on you! and the pictures are great, of course!

  3. This outfit is so freakin fabulous, I must...fight...urge to visit payless website!

  4. Those boots are AMAZING! Do Payless ship to the UK?!

  5. Wow all that food looks amazing as are those boots....lucky lucky :)


  6. Oh man, this outfit is killer! Those boots are crazy cool!

  7. WORK IT GIRRRRL. This isa fantastic outfit. And I love when new photos from our weekend pop up, too :)

    Misss youuuu!

  8. Kyla, those boots are SO. YOU. I LOVE this outfit. I'm seriously dying over it. You look amazing. Glad you had SUCH a ball in NYC!

  9. Yeah, the boots are kicking ass! And taking names!
    Ok, everyone is bitching about Beacon's Closet's peeps, what was up with them?

  10. If I was a dude....I'd hit that!

  11. HA! I'm funny....Yeah what was up with Beacon's closet? Was Jessica super pissed? Thats like her no.1 shopping place...Good that you are all complaining though because they deserve negative press for being snobby.

  12. Holy crap those boots are sweet!

  13. Very nice!!
    I have been looking at some stuff from Fred Flare - Jackets really. Good to know its a nice place to shop as well! :-)

  14. Great coverage, looks like such fun!!! LOVE your red boots!!! I wonder if they are in stores, might have to check that out :)

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    Its so much fun reading about your time in NYC. you gals rocked the city.
    btw i really like the way you didi your jeans, specially those minimal studs on the ankle.

  21. Om my gosh, all I can say is that you look hot!!! The boots are crazy awesome! P.S. I like the way you diyed the jeans, they look fashion forward, yet still sophisticated!

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