Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ever since the fifth grade, I have participated in the faux glasses trend once every 8 years exactly. This time it's way more fun though. Who doesn't love a cute nerd?

9-23-09 1

You can go ahead and kick me out of the style-bloggin' community for what I'm about to say, but I gotta say it. I'm so not ready for fall. You may be thinking, "What self-respecting style addict doesn't look forward to fall?!" but I'm just not there.

I don't know if it is the lack of true summer weather had (or didn't have?) or my lack of time to get my fall clothes out and officially pack up my summer duds (my closet is waaaaaaay too crowded to enjoy right now) or the love I have for the freedom of toes and legs and arms in summer clothes (ah, such ease and the breeze) ... or maybe it's just a combination of all these things. I really hate winter, too and I know it's right on the heels of fall. Blech...

Anyway, I may not be ready to pull out the tights quite yet, but one trend I can get on board with is the plaid flannel. Oh, how I loves it :)

ESPECIALLY paired up with what may be my best thrifting purchase ever! The most perfect suede skirt. Check out how Krystal, Indiana and Delightfully Tacky inspired this look.

9-23-09 2

It needed a little TLC - apparently it's previous owner felt that scotch tape made for an appropriate skirt hem - but thanks to some nifty fusing tape and a few stitches here and there, all is right with the world. The world of suede skirts anyway.

I have TONS of ideas in mind for this baby! Can't wait!

9-23-09 3

And after reading a horrifying story in SELF magazine the other day on the crazy bad effects of heels and your feet and how irreversible the damage is, I've decided to go all flats now. And these cuties will fit PERFECTLY into my fall wardrobe. Ever since my back flared up this winter, I've been taking it pretty easy on the heels anyway. Now, I'm just reaffirming my decision. Anyone with me?

Skirt: Thrifted, $3 - Shirt: Target Boys Dept., $5 - Glasses: Fred Flare - Shoes: Target, $17


  1. I love the glasses on you. Yay for embracing the trend!

    As for no heels -- I'm a lifer... I just can't give them up. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing all your fabulous flats :)

  2. love the little blue shoe

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  3. careful because flats aren't good for you either. You look soo effin cute I can't stand it, and soo tiny! UGH!
    Work it girl!

  4. I love everything about this!!! What a FABULOUS skirt, I mean oh so fabulous!! :)

  5. yes, very cute nerd! I made the switch to flats about three years ago, it makes my body happy.

  6. i'm with you on the glasses and the flannel and the skirt, but despite how much i complained walking around nyc in heels, i've actually decided to buy more heels. i'm convinced that i can make it comfortable and that somehow, despite all the potential damage, i will make myself immune. yes, i'm nuts.

    and you are adorable!

  7. Since I wear glasses for real, I can't get as excited about them as you--but I can say you look ADORABLE in those specs! And--what a great outfit...I bought black suede pants for fall, so now you're inspiring me to wear them with some plaid!

  8. 1-i am also dreading cold weather-but fall fashion is just too tempting to hate it
    2-i know how bad heels are but...just one choo couldnt hurt right?

  9. I don't comment often but that skirt is wonderful. My mum threw out a purple suede skirt a few years ago after holding onto it since the 80s and I've been thinking about it ever since.

  10. I love the suede skirt. I had a black suede skirt I adored when I was umm 15? 16? well - it was huge in style back then, tho we wore them with those dull silk ruffly neck/sleeve blouses in bright colors like teal, purple, red.....

    I actually remember wearing it to a church youth group valentines party with a bright red ruffle blouse. We had to play a game where you pass an orange from person to person using your neck (it was tucked under your chin) and the stupid thing kept sliding down the silk blouse. ha!

    Anyways, it looks awesome on ya - and made me a bit nostalgic!

    I am with ya on the flats. I wear flats about 70% of the time. I have very specific criteria for the heels I wear as well.

  11. I've been eyeing those flats at Target lately, and may have to go for it now that I see them on you! I've been a long-time flats wearer an have only recently dipped into the world of high-heels, but I can already see the toll it is taking on my feet, so I've been trying to get back to flats more recently. LOVE this outfit, by the way!

  12. You got the flats! I think I want those blue ones now... P.S. Lovin' the cute nerd look. 100%

  13. Love the blue shoes - so unexpected with this look.

    I have a suede skirt that I must wear more often.

  14. I am with you on the not loving fall! I am a summer girl!

    I love my heels but i equally love to wear a pair of great flats!

  15. I so agree, heels are incredibly bad for your feet! I love me some ballet flats =) Love the shirt and the glasses =P

  16. I think you look adorable!!! That outfit is so cute; and I love that skirt. So darling!!


    P.S. I am not quite so ready for Fall either...

  17. Ok, lets begin with the so adorable. love the shirt with the suede skirt. and those blue shoes add the right amount of color. love love the whole look and you look such a cutie with those glasses.
    N I can relate you not being ready for Fall, but here in CA we are facing the brunt of Indian Summer and its crazy hot.
    Have a great day!!!

  18. you do look great

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  19. yay look at you you little cute nerd you!! i've been on the "trend" for years! yeah uh cause i wear glasses for real! haha!
    i adore fall! where i live i dont really get enough of it so its such a welcome to have some cool weather!!!!! i adore tights so of course fall/winter is a fun time for me fashion wise!
    on the heels: im short so i love heels but yes i know they are bad for me but actually flats arent all that better, its the support they lack that makes them not so good
    anyways im so glad im back and to sdee you looking as awesome as ever!!!!!!!!

  20. I love this outfit!
    your blog is really cool:D

  21. I can't totally rid myself of heels, but I can attest to the fact that heels make your feet unhappy, and they should be used in moderation. I've done fake glasses twice. I love them- I'm so glad i don't HAVE to wear them!

  22. I'm loving the plaid.. oo and with those blue shoes and even better!!!!

  23. that skirt is uber flattering on you and i LOVE those blue flats!

  24. very nice....and i love those blue flats.....i love and own plenty of flats....heels too :)

  25. So, I love the faux glasses and your waist looks teeny, tiny in that skirt. Wooorrrk!
    I can't let go of heels, I think I overcompensate for having to wear steeltoes at work by rocking heels when I can.

  26. I love the glasses, but most of all I love those flats!

  27. First of all, I love the glasses! They look phenomenal on you,
    Secondly, you are giving up heels?!?! I admire you and am appalled at the same time lol I just don't think I could ever do that.
    Love the flannel+suede combination. And what is fusing tape?