Thursday, September 10, 2009


From what I can remember, day one of the weardrobe NYC conference was a blast. We all arrived at different times throughout the day, meeting at the ever so glamorous Gramercy Park Hotel. SOOOOO posh!

We then had a photo shoot with Eddie Newton, formerly of Style Sightings, presently of Mr. Newton. It was a ton of fun, but I'm definitely not made to be a model. There was some sweat involved...

Brooke, Keiko, Suzanne of weardrobe, Christine, Katy, Amy, Sara, Christine, Kelly, Noelle and Joelle

Upon first meeting, we were all pretty intimidated. As you can see, there was some SERIOUS style in one room. But everyone was super cool and very nice. There's something so refreshing about a room full of confident ladies. Woohoo!!!

After the photoshoot, we opened our goody bags. Double WOOHOO!!! We got some serious swag from some majorly generous sponsors (more to follow). Then, we got our NY slice. Pizza, of course.

This is what I wore for the first day of adventure. This 14 and a half cent thrifted one-piece took me through the whole day, from bus to subway, to photoshoot, to pizza.

Photo credit - Katy of Kansas Couture

Though, about 2 hours into my 4 hour bus ride, I had the horrifying realization that I was wearing a jumpsuit on the bus and I had to go the bathroom. Oh. Crap.

LUCKILY, the bus stopped at a proper rest area and I was able to disrobe and do my business without the added stress of keeping my balance and working in cramped spaces. Tragedy averted.

Once in NYC, I conquered the subway all by myself! It was awesome! Aside from the part where my suitcase got me jammed in the turnstile and it locked up before I got through, which resulted in me buying another ticket. I suppose I could have bugged the station attendant, but I'm far too bull-headed for that. On my home, I had ANOTHER mishap with the subway and my suitcase. This time my suitcase got through, but I ended up straddling the turnstile. Um...ouch. I don't think I've EVER wanted longer legs so badly!


  1. LOL, sounds like you and turnstyles don't get along;) You look fabulous and I'm glad you had such a blast. Can't wait to hear more about that goody stash!

  2. Wow! What a weekend! Sounds you like had a blast- and you totally deserve it! I can't wait to hear about this glorious SWAG all you bloggers have mentioned!!

  3. 1st of all, welcome back!! Im so glad you had a blast and can't wait to read more and see the swag in better detail.
    2nd, awesome outfit!

  4. You look so cute. New York sounds amazing!

  5. jealous
    sounds like a sun-and feircceee-trip

  6. amazing! Bwwn reading alot of the recaps, glad (the first day) was a blast!

  7. YEAH GIRL! These photos are gorgeous. I miss you all so much!

  8. dude! you look so cool and i love your photo coverage. you have to email me and tell me how you do that rad little photo gallery.

    aw, i miss you! i wanna meet up again.