Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Aaaaaaalllllll summer, all I craved was a straw fedora. I've tried them on WHERE EVER I go and have even bought one or two and returned them, because they just weren't perfect.

Okay, maybe I'm a little picky, but a girl has the right to the *perfect* straw fedora.

Just after I quit my job, I saw what looked like a promising candidate in PacSun at the mall. Since money was nonexistent, I didn't even try it on - no need to torture myself if it was "the one." But, as always, the universe was looking out for me.

PacSun was a huge sponsor at last weekend's Weardrobe Conference NYC and in addition to the jeans for our DIY project, they gave us each a gift card. Yay! As soon as I got the opportunity, I sped out to the mall and picked up the Perfect. Straw. Fedora.

9-15-09 1

For me, the perfection comes in the form of a short little brim and non-too-pointy top. And of course, it fits my little head.

Unfortunately, with fall moving in at a rapid pace, I may only get to where this beauty a couple more times before I carefully pack it away for next year's wear.

9-15-09 2

Fedora: PacSun, $15 - Dress: Ross, $9 - Jean Jacket: Vintage Wrangler of my mom's - Sandals: Ross, $9 - Belt: Gap Outlet, $5


  1. I don"t know, I think you could rock that pretty hard in the fall, too. Lovely!

  2. kyla, you look perfectly adorable in these pictures. sweet pacsun score!

  3. That is a perfect fedora! I never found one that looked good on me. I am more of a slouchy beanie girl. But it looks amazing on you! Great find!


  4. Cute! I'm a large headed girl- having tried on many fedoras, I think I'll have to skip this trend. I'm like a lollipop. :) But you? You look perfect!

  5. Add some rhinestone brooches and a fall-like print in lieu of the black band and I think you have a fall appropriate version!

    Given the recession, I am all about making just about everything I own Fall-friendly.

    p.s. love the blog and that sassy style of yours, miss.

  6. That fedora is perfect. Weardrobe e-mails are like never-ending gifts; stuff just keeps on coming!

  7. i love this
    so simple, the dress under the jean jacket is beautiful
    love its simple shape and beautiful, classic color

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  8. Great look - how about joining my capsule wardrobe challenge? Details posted today. Jane

  9. Ah Kismet. I always feel like things fall into place properly when one behaves one self. ;-)

    Cute outfit!!The hat was well worth waiting for. You will have to get one of those cute hat boxes they always sell at TJ Maxx!

  10. That is a perfectly adorable hat!

  11. So cute! And who doesn't love a gift card!!!

  12. Im sorry Kyla but what insane person said you can't wear a straw fedora in the fall? As far as I'm concerned the blogging world has opened up to the idea that there are NO rules in fashion.
    If you don't wear that in the fall I'm gonna find you and kick you tiny arse.

    P>S. Looks cute on you. :)

  13. P.P.S. because of you I am insanely obsessed with that Nooka watch. Sadly the price tag does not allow....SIGGGHHHH

  14. Yeah! You finally got your hat:)

  15. What an awesome hat! I hadnt even thought about the possibilities of the perfect straw fedora for myself because I don't really do hats but then my mom bought the perfect straw fedora for her and when I put it on my head I knew I needed it. Now I just keep dreaming of the day I get one for myself. And I agree with the others...Straw may be traditionally summer but you can totally rock this in the fall! At least give it a try, after all, you've been denied the opportunity to wear the perfect hat for this long....why put any more limitations on yourself? :)

  16. you wear it well! and did you cut your hair??? --noel

  17. Great color combo, love that you kept the rest of the outfit relatively simple to show off the hat!:)


  18. Ahhh I wish I could rock the fedora like you. It looks adorable!!

  19. cute
    i went thrifting today and was close to buying a jean jacket exactly like yours

  20. Boo, now I'm sad because my perfect straw fedora died a horrible death after I jumped in the river on a whim. Though it was worth it...
    Looks great on you!

  21. Yay! Congratulations :) It's such a good feeling to find exactly what you've been looking for for months!

  22. Sic hat! (my son just told me that means awesome)

    I think you could still bring that into fall along with the boyfriend look.