Tuesday, June 1, 2010


5-28-10 1
5-28-10 2

Friday was one of those days that started really hot, then cooled and rained, then got hot again - i.e. the perfect summer day.

5-28-10 3
5-28-10 4
5-28-10 5

And what could be better on a perfect summer day than a perfect outfit.  I'm loving everything about this.  It's so casual, so breezy and cool, and so me.  One thing I've realized about myself: come summertime, I hate getting ready.  I love my clothes. I love looking pulled together and stylish.  But I hate the actual time and energy it takes to get ready.  It's just too darn nice outside and I want to soak up every second of it that I can.  So, what's that mean for my summer style?

5-28-10 6
5-28-10 7

It means that it has to come together in 20 minutes or less - wardrobe, hair and make-up (hence, the hats and/or wet looks).  So far, I've been doing pretty good.  I'm also finding that it's a great exercise in knowing your style and just letting things flow.  It doesn't have to be hard.  The clothing and make-up are minimal at this point and it's all about easy accessorizing - the hat, the earring, the lipstick.  I did start off with a different belt, but in keeping with the spirit of the time constraints (and getting to work and all), I grabbed this one on my way out the door and changed in the car at Sheetz while John pumped gas.  Multi.  Tasker.

5-28-10 8
Hat: c/o PacSun - Tank: Target, $6 - Pants: JCP, 4 sizes too big, altered, cuffed, $25ish
Belt: Gap, $5 - Shoes: Ross, $9


  1. fabulous! Love the cut of the pants, easy styling with the tank and hat, and the touch of lipstick is gorgeous :o) You wear all your outfits so confidently and comfortably, what a great inspiration!

  2. I think this silhouette looks amazing.

  3. I'm thinking that this will be my summer outfit too. Tank tops/thin pants/fedoras/big hoop earrings/sandals and a colorful bag!

    You look so chic and casual!

  4. What a completely perfect belt. I know that's a weird thing to focus on, but i ADORE it!

  5. Look how cute you are! Love the hat and those pants! You look effortless.

  6. You look SUPER cool here! Love the flared pants with the laid back tank and the fedora. You super gangster, but in a hot chick kind of way. :) Nice new location, too!

    Love that you pulled this together in 20 minutes. I have the same summer speed issues and it makes me so happy to throw something on and go.

  7. Best multitasker ever, you look awesome!

  8. You were hats so well! This whole outfit screams ADORABLE!!!


  9. YEah summer is ridiculous. What has two thumbs and doesn't blow dry her hair in the summer? This guy!
    Also, I don't wear jeans. I just can't do it.
    Funny story, the other day after a shower I was wearing my under things and laying on my bed. Husband walks in and says "Uh, we have to go shopping, you aren't going like that". I responded "Ugh, I'm too hot to get dressed"... H "Well you CAN go like that, but you are gonna get some dirty looks"...I threw on track pants and a tee...too much effort for the grocery store.

  10. I love, love, LOVE the way you're always rocking the paperbag waist, Kyla! It's something I've been wanting to try for a while now but have never really gotten it right-- I think you've inspired me to try again though :) This is fabulous!

  11. you are the QUEEN of simple summer ensembles. i love the pants, the hat, the belted silhouette. lovely, as usual.

  12. Love the location of you photos, I instantly thought "Man, Kyla could stop traffic with those red lips and this amazing outfit. You look smokin!

  13. You look great! That's just how I'd love to look in summer but it never seems to come together that way for me.
    Super cool location for the photos too.
    Love the red lipstick.

  14. Fire engine red lips AND a fedora AND you pull them off flawlessy? You = fabulous.

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  15. Yeah, I'm pretty much totally on board with summer simplicity. It makes a lot more sense in winter to spend time prettifying myself, but come summer I wanna be out in the sun as much as possible!

    And I ADORE these pants on you! You look seriously hot in wide legs.