Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Come on, people - yesterday was a holiday!

1.  I'm glad to have a few hours to myself today.  While the weekend was top notch, I am super exhausted.  This morning when I awoke, I felt like a sack of cement.  Normally, I hate the rain, but today, it all seems fitting.

2.  I'm so far behind on emails - I swear, I'm getting to it.

3.  This Saturday is our sixth wedding anniversary.  Wow, that went fast.  And I don't regret a second of it.  I'll be sure to do a sappy post for ya'll.

4.  I found out this weekend that I have a bit of a local following.  That is people who are not obligated by blood or friendship to read my blog.  So, holla!  Track me down - say hi!  And if you're doing a clothing swap anytime soon, I'm so in!

5.  Question for you - I'm looking for some wedding blogs to advertise on.  For those of you in the midst of wedding planning, what are your favorite wedding blogs?

Be right back with an outfit post!


  1. Congrats on six years of marriage!

    When I was wedding planning, my favorite wedding blog was style me pretty.

  2. congrats on #6!!! today is our 8th and i just did the obligatory sappy post! ;)

  3. Congrats on the anniversary! 6 years is a long time for someone so young! It seems like the two of you have a great time together. I love the glimpses of your married life that you put on the blog.

    I've been helping a friend plan her wedding and I really love


    The second site has a great blog roll, which might be useful to you.

    Good luck!

  4. Congratulations on 6 years!!!!

    We're going on 2, and I feel like we just met <3

  5. Besides fashion blogs, wedding blogs are my obsession...try out...

    Once Wed
    Project Wedding
    Green Wedding Shoes
    Wedding Chicks
    Classic Bride
    100 Layer Cake
    Style Me Pretty

    Hope those help!

  6. When I was planning our wedding I loved http://offbeatbride.com/
    I was never going to have a traditional wedding ;)

  7. Woo hoo, congrats on six years!! our two year will be this August. We spent our one year with a 10 day old infant!! (It's crazy how time flies.)

    Visit Bella Vita and enter to win in a giveaway every day this week!

  8. Whoa! We got married on the same day. This Saturday is our 6th too. CONGRATS!

  9. I'm delurking to tell you my favorite wedding blogs but also just admit what a fan I am! It's about time I come out of hiding considering I totally pull major style inspiration from your looks. So thanks! Onward to the wedding blogs--a practical wedding and brooklyn bride are both my absolute favorites. And I totally think, having read those blogs and your blogs, that you'd be a great fit, especially practical wedding which is just a fantastic site.