Tuesday, June 2, 2009





I'm so bummed :( My very special piece of mail didn't come today. I will have to wait until tomorrow. Boo... I'll give you a hint, though - I have recently mentioned wanting to get one and have been saving up for a while. Hmmm....what could it be?

Today was a weird weather day. It was raining when I ran this morning, so I came home and prepared for an icky rainy day. Then, when I walked outside to go to work, the sun was out and it was warm! What gives? Anyway, I was low key and ready for anything.

It's nothing more than a variation on jeans and a t-shirt - my awesome Wilco concert tee from the show in Athens, GA (though wouldn't it be cool if it had been Athens, Greece? - someday), with my denim shorts (JCP, $15), bronze snake skin flats (JCP, $8) and a cropped tux jacket (Sears, $12.50). I threw on some funky earrings (Clarie's, $.50) and my new thrift store bag ($1.75) for a little sparkle. For something that came out of nothing, I'm really happy with the result - kinda feel like the "cool girl" today.

Prepare for AWESOMENESS tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love this outfit! Super cute.
    I can't wait to see what you're getting in the mail, i am dying in suspense here LOL.

    I love those shorts you are wearing btw!

  2. I love the cute jacket added to shorts- I'm SO copying you on this one! And may the megapixels increase and all your days be merrier!

  3. dude you ARE a cool girl -everyday!!!!
    hope your mail comes today :)

  4. Ok the suspense is killing me......