Wednesday, April 1, 2009


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Well, I'm super glad that March is over. It is after all the WORST month EVER, but April is so rainy :( At least I have a cute outfit to ward of the rainy day blues :)

I pulled out the "prison dress" (super clearance at JCP, $23ish) and mixed it up yet again with my most recent thrift store find. I can already tell that this $2 safari jacket is going to get a lot of play this spring. It's so versatile and comfortable. I opted for knee high boots (Kohl's, $16) since I am boycotting tights until November but still need a little leg coverage. I can deal with chilly knees for now. All the color comes from the accessories: a red scarf brought back from Germany when I was younger and yellow love beads that were my grandmother's. The real deal, I imagine. I love the beads mixed over the scarf - something new I'm trying.

I admit I look a little disheveled and insane from the neck up. Not only was I running wicked late this morning, I had to wash my hair today, which guarantees a bad hair day. And all this rain certainly isn't helping (the insanity or the hair). But tomorrow's almost Friday!

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  1. Look how cute you look!! I love how you piled on those necklaces...they add a special somethin'-somethin' :) You look great!