Tuesday, March 31, 2009



Today's outfit had to meet very specific criteria: A) No denim (I'm a glutton for punishment, and decided to pick up another WW meeting tonight, so it's another long work day) B) Must include sneakers and C) NO WINTER ITEMS

I have very limited choices for non-denim trousers. Three choices, to be exact, and one of those is wool, so they were out. These pants are from JCP ($20ish) and were bought on a whim for an interview. They fit kind of funky though and the one pant leg won't get off my darn sock! My husband suggested wearing jeans to work and changing before my second gig, but since I'm extremely stubborn and just a general pain in his ass, I immediately disregarded him. Hmm ... he may have had a point...

So, anyway, this is what it is: AA shirt ($22), black pants, a funky scarf (H&M $10) and my beloved gold Keds ($26). Added a little bracelet (Claire's, $5/3) for flair. Life will be so much easier when it's warm enough to wear skirts sans tights.


  1. I love the scarf too! I like the way you tied it in the front.

  2. I like the way you tied your scarf - I'm so stealing that!

  3. I want that scarf! I'll have to check H&M this weekend. ;)