Tuesday, March 31, 2009



This was yesterday's outfit. Sunday was our big Day of Fun and it was a late night. We went to see Gaslight Anthem in P-burgh. It was an AWESOME show. The guys were really fun and very energetic. Check them out here.

Before the show, we went to IKEA. It was very fun, but very packed. Just like EVERY time we go to IKEA, we spent about 2 hours wandering around the showroom, then 15 minutes running around the warehouse trying to find our goods, another 10 minutes of me convincing my husband that everything will indeed fit in the car (I'm a Tetris genius), and the longest 10 minutes EVER standing in line at the checkout ready to kill each other as a result of extreme exhaustion and hunger. I swear, it's really fun, though.

So, then we went to the show and as I said before, decided to drive home afterwards. I always wondered who the losers were who left before the encore. Apparently, they are people who have spent the entire afternoon at IKEA and still have to drive 3 hours to get home. We totally left before the encore :(

Then came the ride home. I promised that I would do my best to stay awake and keep my husband company the whole way back. And I did. Unfortunately, because we purchased 3 rather large bookcases at IKEA and had to put half of the back seat and the front passengers seat down in order to fit them in the car, I had to keep him company while staring at the back of his head for 3 hours. Every conversation sounded like this:

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...



And so it went for 3 hours...

So, yesterday, we did take a couple hours in the morning to sleep in a bit, then I had PT, then off to work and then work after work. I got this sweater on sale at Target for $15. It's so easy to toss on over all black, as I did. I added the blue beads (Target, 2 years ago) for a little color and my riding boots (Kohl's, $16). Works for me!


  1. God Made Me fuNkyMarch 31, 2009 at 2:56 PM

    love the entire outfit, you look so cute and the beads add the perfect pop of color to the outfit. N wow for $15 the sweater was a steal. I had overlooked Target and Kohls for the longest time, but after looking at your great finds, now a days I make it a point to walk into their clothes section. though I am yet to find a super saver deal. I am a sucker for bargains, It makes me feel victorious;-)

  2. Love the outfit. That sweater on a hanger wouldn't have gotten a second look by me, but you made it look great.