Thursday, April 2, 2009





Okay .. so, this is the third time I've worn this sweater this week, the second time blogging about it, and I totally wore this entire outfit for a few hours Saturday afternoon. But, I don't care - I love it so much. The sweater is going to be a spring staple. It's just enough to keep the chill out without being overly bulky and wintery.

Today, I paired it with a drapey off-the-shoulder tee from Target ($15) and my dark blue JCP skinnies ($20ish). And I finished the look with the most amazing, make-my-heart-skip-a-beat, fringed platform sandals. I must admit, I feel a little guilty about the splurge, but I LOVE them. In my search for comfy spring/summer shoes, I remembered owning 2 pairs of MIA wedges in college and I wore them both until they literally fell apart. They were really easy to walk in because of such a gradual wedge. These babies offer 4" of height with only a 2.25" rise. And they're buttery soft suede, so they're molding to my feet. Even though I splurged a little, I still scoured the internet for the best price. had them for $10 less than most sites and had free overnight shipping and free returns. You'll be seeing a lot of these in the coming months.

Looks like tomorrow will be a little less spring sunshine and a little more April showers. Thank goodness it will also be Friday.


  1. Cute outfit as always! What brands do you suggest for quality shoes... other than the MIA listed lol. I have a foot problem so I have to be good about shoes sometimes too! I hate being smart about fashion.

  2. Love the sandals! And easy on the feet - it's a wish come true. Can't wait for tomorrow I can wear jeans again. I'm searching for some skinnys, that also cover my backside ;)

  3. Such cute pics! Love the attitude :)

  4. this sweater is awesome. i love it and you wear it really well.