Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Another cold and rainy day called for some flood pants and a cozy flannel. What could be more perfect? What started out as a solely functional outfit ended up looking a little like a 1950's denim ad. I dig it. Channeling my inner Rosie (the Riveter, that is).

From top to bottom: boys flannel (Target, $5), white tank (Target, $6), SJP jeans ($10) and gold Keds ($26). Another outfit for less than $50!

Sorry for the super late post. It's been a day! I got up extra early this morning so I could slip into Kohl's before work to get my mom a pair of boots, because I'm awesome like that. Then, work (bleh), then Target, Michael's, dinner, work while watching Lost, went to see a friend's band for a bit (they're awesome) and now, it's just me and my blogs. Aah, relaxation. Now, I'm off to bed with no idea what I'm going to wear tomorrow. And such gorgeous weather coming! Eek!

Night, all!


  1. I need to shop in the boys section! I bought some Diva skinny jeans at Old Navy online. We'll see if they fit when they come in.

  2. Your flood pants totally inspired me for my outfit today! They make my legs all but disappear, but soo cute!

    @Sher - I have some Diva skinnies, and I love them! The fact that they allow for the existence of thighs and a butt is uncanny for skinny jeans! I hope they fit!

  3. Love this outfit, lovin plaid right now!!

    I just found your blog and wanted to say hi! Also wanted to let you know that I have a fashion themed contest on my blog every Friday! All you need to do is a submit a photo! You should check it out and enter ;)

  4. Interesting blog you have here....I'll have to give your address to my wife...she'll love it!