Tuesday, April 14, 2009



So, I have to admit that my only motivations for this outfit were a) I made the mistake of wearing too long pants in the rain a couple of weeks ago and paid for it with soaked hemlines. Wasn't doing that again - and b) I'm saving all of my favorite pieces to pack for vacation, so that I don't have to do laundry. Laziness, really.

The blazer is from the sale rack at JCP ($30). I've actually gotten more wear out of it in the last 4 months than I did in the first 8 months of owning it. Funny how that happens. The floaty, ruffly top (Loft, sale, $20) makes a great underpinning and everything gets streamlined with my knit pants (NY&Co, sale $30) and riding boots (Kohl's, clearance $16 - P.S. if you're local and you really like these boots, I noticed 2 pairs in a size 8 at our Kohl's - still $16). Not much for accessories today - just big silver hoops and the sunglasses, which are clearly for my own amusement, seeing how the sun never came out today.

I've spent the evening at the gym, running errands and now doing a little more work. But since I need to procrastinate just a weeeee bit more...

Here's 7 thing about me (as requested by Clare at Between Laundry Days)

1. I tend to procrastinate :)

2. I'm constantly making lists. To do lists, wish lists, grocery lists, shit lists - you name it, I've got a list for it. My brain can only process so much on its own. Lists help me feel more in control.

3. I'm a control freak. But I try to be nice about it.

4. I currently have 3 jobs. This is why I'm almost always working and keep lists of everything. How else would I function? My day job is at a local sign shop, doing everything from graphic design (my primary job) to managing apartment leases for a new apartment building owned by my bosses. It's not my dream job by any means, but it's pretty low key, pays the bills and I get to take my dog to work with me. My second most time-consuming job is a little home business, designing hand-made wedding invitations. I usually have about 10-12 clients a year and turn into an invitation-making machine from April-July. It's a great creative outlet and supports my shopping habit. Lastly, I work one night a week at Weight Watchers. I recently lost a bit of weight myself and figured the only way I would actually keep it off for good is if I worked there. So, that's that.

5. I screen my phonecalls 99% of the time. It's not to be rude or ignore people. It's because I HATE talking on my phone in public. I can't focus on what anybody is saying or what I'm doing and I end up talking really quietly so that nobody else can hear me. I wish more people felt the same way. Remember the good ole' days when if you weren't home, you couldn't answer your phone? That's kind of my mantra on this.

6. I always plan the "best last bite" when I eat my food, which means leaving just a smidge of everything, so that I get the best combination of flavors in that "best last bite."

7. I consider myself a pretty lucky person. I had a great childhood, have great relationships with my family and friends, an awesome relationship with my husband, and the best dog in the world. Who could ask for more?

If you read all of this, congratulations - you deserve a cookie. Now, I'm going to go do some work. Seriously...


  1. I didn't know you were a graphic designer! No wonder your blog header looks so good. Seriously, I was admiring it before reading this post.

    Maybe I could convince you to contribute your design skills to the magazine?

  2. wow on the 3 jobs! i didn't know you did all that!! kudos to you :)

  3. You make simple look so chic!

    And 3 jobs! I'm trying to retire from mine :D

  4. Glad to know I'm not the only one who saves the last bite! You're awesome Kyla!

  5. Thanks for filling this out! I love learning more about the "real" lives of some of us bloggers. And your outfit? Adorable. I love the way you're wearing this blazer...very chic yet comfy, which is what I really like about your style.

  6. Awesome outfit! Love those boots!

  7. Love the the combo of the blazer with the blouse! Also, I'm the same way when it comes to talking on a phone in public.