Wednesday, April 8, 2009



If you had the pleasure of seeing me over the weekend, I was probably wearing something similar to this. Well, I'm wearin' it again!

Some of my FAVORITE outfits are the most casual clothes I own. Not that getting dressed up isn't fun - I just like feeling like I could end up anywhere in the course of the day and feel neither over-dressed or like a complete slob. Somewhere between "office appropriate" and "jeans and sneakers" is definitely where my style thrives. Whenever I feel like I've accomplished a sleek on-the-go look, I immediately feel more confident and relaxed. So, here's that look today: knit NY&Co. pants ($30ish), AA gray v-neck tee ($22), safari jacket - I told you I'll be wearing this A LOT (thrifted, $2), H&M scarf bought last April ($10), and Kohl's riding boots (clearance, $16). The individual pieces are pretty casual, but the mix of neutral colors combined with a decorative scarf and sleek boots just makes it feel pulled together.

My husband and I are going on a MUCH needed vacation soon and this will be the perfect outfit for traipsing around a new city. Hmmm...maybe I'll wear it to see Wilco (sooooo excited!)...

Also, on the note of vacation - this blog makes for a great packing tool. I just scan back over my outfits from the last couple of weeks and throw them in the suitcase. Voila! Much easier than my previous "see it, grab it, stuff it" technique that often left me with no reasonable outfits.

What a night! So, I was interupted earlier by a bit of an impromptu client meeting. Totally fine. Then, I had to go pick up my husband at work and take the dog for a ride. Fun, right? Until I locked myself and the dog out of the house sans car keys and sans coat. Grrr...

Luckily, Petco is within walking distance from our house and provided a safe haven for Iggy (the dog) and I until my husband found a ride home and came to get us. turns out Wednesdays at 7 is Small Dog Play Group at Petco. Yay! Out bratty little antisocial dog got to go to play group. And he really liked it! I'm one of "those people" about my dog, but I'm okay with that. Anyway, a near disaster evening turned into a pretty fun night! You know where I'll be next Wednesday!

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  1. There you go! Everything happens for a reason :) Glad everything turned out better after. LOVE the safari jacket. Have fun on your trip.