Thursday, April 9, 2009


So, there's a pretty big possibility that today's outfit doesn't work. I like it, but I'm a little insecure about it. These pants require a little history: Right now, they are about 4 sizes too big for me. Until a little less than year ago, this was my regular size. When I decided to whip my butt into shape, I had to get a whole new wardrobe, which, for the most part, was tons of fun. Except for those few pieces that were absolute favorites that I can't find replacements for, no matter how hard I try. These pants are one such piece. They were among my absolute favorite pants of all time and so I haven't been able to part with them. Instead, I threw them in the "to be tailored" pile where they have sat ever since. I can sew for days, but I have NO patience for tailoring.

This morning, I was in the mood for a pair of baggy pants that I could just belt on with a tee and be comfortable all day. Turns out that the pants I had in mind have already made their way to Goodwill. I hate it when that happens. SO, I remembered that these were still in "that" pile and fished them out. I cinched, cinched, cinched my little heart out and this is what I ended up with:


I was hoping it would come out similar to something like this:

Camilla Staerk Spring 09

or this:

rag and bone paperbag pant

Rag and Bone Paperbag Pant

...but I'm not sure if that's what others see. I think I would definitely try this look again, but with a few changes. 1.) I think a floral bustier top would look awesome with these pants. More fitted, more feminine. 2.) A nicer, maybe even thinner, belt. Something metallic, perhaps? and 3.) Different shoes. My back is flaring up a bit today, so it had to be sneakers, but a pair of wide-strapped sandal would look cool.

I would love to hear your opinions. Just be nice - I'm feeling a little vulnerable :)


  1. It looks great! I like it better than the pics you compared it to.

  2. I think you look fabulous! It's very chic and laid-back.

  3. I have to agree I think you outshine those "models". You look hot and comfortable as usual. :P
    What's your secret been to getting skinny? I think I need help!

  4. You do pull it off much better than those pictures! Those pictures are runway extremes. But that's what they are there for, to give us inspiration. Rag and Bones....instead of her wearing the pants: those pants are wearing her. LOL

  5. It looks great :) kudos to you for trying something new!

  6. God Made Me fuNkyApril 9, 2009 at 12:14 PM

    Drop the idea of getting these pants tailored, You look great and pull off this look really well. Plus i love the jacket the you have on in the middle pic. Must try this style once again.

  7. I LOVE your outfit!! I think it looks great!! Yes, a more feminine blouse would have gotten you to more of the look in the picture, but your look looks very casual chic. Just great!!

  8. Wow! I think this look is wonderful! To be honest, I don't know if I'd go ahead with the tailoring if I were you...they look so good this way.

  9. I really think that the outfit and the picture are genius! Waay better than the other outfits!!! <3

  10. I really like it. You look super thin in the pants, something to hard off with baggy garments! Way to go Kyla!

  11. Very fashionable. All the right proportions for you. You made baggy look svelte. That is hard to do! No need to fret - you pulled it off. I really enjoy reading your blog for the great dialogue. The pictures are a bonus. Have a great Easter holiday.

  12. Actually I love this- you look great! I feel like I want to go out and buy too-big pants now and belt them like you did. I'd like to see it with the floral bustier though! Nice job.