Sunday, March 15, 2009


So, with spring and then summer right around the corner, I'm on the never-ending, seemingly fruitless search for a pair of ridiculously comfortable sandals that are still edgy and fashion forward. And I'll never complain about a little height. What's the most comfortable brand of shoes you've every owned?


  1. They may not be the MOST comfortable ever, but when it comes to affordable and still fashionable, I really like Xhileration shoes from Target. The sizes are right on and they're comfortable enough to push a double stroller around the zoo without crying, haha!

  2. Teva hands down. I know they are the most sporty shoes and not usually very cute, but they make one style that has thin criss cross straps, and I happen to think that style is cute and comfortable. I love to rock climb, and these sandals seriously have enough support and cush to go climbing in, then rinse off and add to a sundress and still get compliments. If anyone thinks they are ugly I am sorry, they truly are the most comfortable ever, and that's what you asked right?
    I like these:
    and these:

  3. Nike. Oh, wait...real shoes?

    Hmm...I have a pair of vintage Charles Jourdan heels that feel like flats. Barring that, I also have a pair of Steve Madden heels (no, really!) that I can navigate uneven sidewalks in. I've had good luck with Charles David, too.

    *Tee-hee. The word verification below says "wangs"!