Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It's only January and I'm already ready for spring. And around here, that won't come until about April, if we're lucky, but most likely May. The car thermometer read 25 this morning on my way to work and the forecast is calling for a high of 12 later this week. High. Of. 12.

Today, I put together this cute little number. Top and bottoms are Gap - on crazy sale, of course (I RARELY pay full price at Gap). And last season's heeled oxfords from Payless - surprisingly comfortable. I have mixed feelings about this outfit, but it's Tuesday, feeling like Monday, it's cold and I'm still figuring out the best way to use my camera, which is more the purpose of this picture. I had super cute pictures that I took before work, but when I went to edit them, realized that I had the Manual Focus set and so they were only super cute when viewed at a 1" x 2" size.

I do love military shapes with feminine details and cute heels. It's very Carrie Bradshaw, circa season 3 of SATC (another HUGE inspiration of mine). I'm more irritated by the fact that these pants stretch out like crazy and are now about 2 sizes bigger than they were when I left my house this morning. Grrr... I think I will go home and retire them to the summer play clothes drawer.

I think I may actually prefer the bundled up look today. Like I said...it's Tuesday. Feels like Monday. And did I mention it's cold?

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