Monday, January 12, 2009


Do you know that feeling when you're hungry, but you don't know what you want to eat and nothing really sounds good? I hate that feeling. It's like I'm just craving input, something new. I get this way about my wardrobe quite frequently, which is why I need constant inspiration. It's all about adding new spices and different flavoring to make old favorites taste new and exciting.

Being a highly visual and tactile person, magazines are my go-to place for inspiration. I'm not terribly selective, either. There's great ideas in everything from high fashion mags to home dec books to weekly sales flyers. Whether it be a color combination, specific outfit, architectural element or just a feeling: when I'm inspired, I feel totally alive and ready to create.

So, to savor the feeling, I save the pictures. I spend several months letting my magazine subscriptions pile up, then I enjoy one of my favorite past times: sitting on the couch, watching reruns of What Not Wear, CSI: Any City but Miami, Beverly Hills 90210 (only the original), or any other brain candy that's on, while flipping through my back stock of magazines, tearing out anything and everything that sparks my imagination.

Once I have sifted through each page and the remains are safely in the recycling bin, I go back through my pile of "rough cuts" and neatly trim out the individual items that interest me most. The final step is separating them into categories. Right now, my break-downs include: House/Home, Health/Beauty, Rock and Roll/Kick-Ass Vintage Looks, Classic Vintage/California Bohemian Looks, and lastly, the I-Can-Make-That-for-Cheaper pile. Then I catalog each category in a scrapbook for future inspiration. It's great food for thought on those hungry days when nothing else looks good!


  1. I do the same thing! Love your header to your blog, very well done! I will be checking back frequently! :)

  2. I think all us "fashionites" keep great inspiration books. Thank you so much for my very first comment! I'm so GEEKED! I'll be following your blog as well - love your style!

  3. LOL, I do the same thing with recipes:) As of lately, I have begun saving inspirational pictures for tabi.

    Have I told you I LOVE the banner you designed and you, dear girl, are quite the inspiration...