Thursday, June 3, 2010


Okay, this is the mother of all remix posts, but I couldn't resist.  Every time I wear this jacket, I think about how it has been the best $2 purchase ever.  I bought it this time last year and have worn it almost every month since.  Out of curiosity, I went back and gathered up all those outfits.  It includes some of my favorites! Keep in mind that these are only the times that I actually photographed it - there are even a few I didn't include.  The cost per wear on this piece is well under a dime!

P.S.  These pictures make it clear that 2 things have grown significantly in the last year:
1. my style and 2. my hair!

Wed 1
7-3-09 1
8-24-09 1
9-29-09 3
9-1-09 1
10-6-09 3
11-16-09 3
11-10-09 3
11-9-09 1
1-10-10 5
4-30-10 6
4-27-10 5
5-12-10 5
5-10-10 5
6-1-10 3

Whew!  I'm going to bed now.


  1. I agree with you! That two bucks keeps paying for itself over and over.

    Did you hear that I am a finalist on bloglovin for an Alexander Wang bag? I am one of the finalist! I am the only one with hips! LOL

    Spread the word if you choose closes Monday and I am losing miserably! lol!!!

  2. love the retrospective.
    fun to see.
    and truly a great jacket score.
    my favorite picture is the one in the snow.

  3. True story... the hair and style have grown a lot. I'm really jealous of the hair growth, I feel like I've been growing my hair as long as you have and it may be an inch longer. pout.

  4. 100% agreed I love that jacket!!!

  5. Very fun retrospective post! I love that jacket and you cannot beat that cost per wear. Lovely as always, Kyla!

  6. Thanks for all the ideas on how to wear a khaki jacket - I just got one myself (thrifting!) and haven't figured out how to put it with anything yet! My favorite pic here is with the black maxi dress and flat - SO elegant.

  7. WAAOOOO!! I am so completely impressed with how many times you have worn this!! So so impressive!

  8. I was going to say which outfits I liked your jacket best with, but there were just so many favorite :-P What a steal for something so cute and versatile!

  9. That jacket is super awesome!

    Love the first outfit, and the boots that you are wearing with it, perfect!

    The one with the black leggings, SUPER cute! Makes me think of a pair of footless tights that I will be getting soon and I can't wait!

    The one with the white pants, wowza, I love those pants.

    You look awesome in the one with the mini black dress, pretty sexy outfit :) and the layering of the cardigan with the jacket also looks great!

    and the last one is the perfect combination in my mind, I have always liked these two colors together, [from the jacket and pants] and the white blouse you are wearing with it is so cute! I wish I had a feminine shirt like that, now that I remember I don't own anything that girly! -sigh-

  10. I tried to pick a favorite but could not. You have amazing style and that is so evident in this post - love how you wore that jacket. You made it look so different with each outfit. Also? Love your hair. :)

  11. if only more our pieces were so damn versatile and reliable! Wonderfully done :o)

  12. It is indeed a great jacket! I think you're at your most stylish in the very top pic! Though, there are many other outfits here that are major standouts.

  13. Great idea! Your jacket is so cool!!
    Kisses from Italy mt dear ;)

  14. I do covet that jacket lol. I love how it has the elastic cinching at the waist!

  15. I LOVE all the ways you've styled this jacket, Kyla! I think my favorites are definitely when you've layered it with cardigans or open button-downs. Such a great, versatile piece!

  16. Its a great jacket. I cant wear that color. I love it with your long dresses and your white pants.

  17. SUCH a steal!! Loving the neutrals right now.

  18. $2? 2 freaking dollars? No fair. Go thrifting for me Kyla :D I love all of these but I have a special place in my heart for the instance you wore it with the yellow cardi underneath and the one in the snow. Those photos and outfits are perfection.

  19. How cool that you have all of this documented. You definitely look more comfortable in yourself as time goes by :)