Friday, June 4, 2010


6-3-10 1
6-3-10 2

Does the warm weather zap the energy out of anyone else?  I don't thing it's the weather so much as the fact that I just don't stop going when it's nice out.  I've officially finished the first 2 weeks of my 10K training, and I think that's really starting to catch up with me.  Either way, it's a good kind of tired.  You know, the kind that comes after too much fun and loads of productivity.

Iggy knows what I mean:
iggy tired
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6-3-10 4

Yesterday, I woke up feeling like a sack of cement.  I could barely get myself out of bed.  Needless to say, my creativity had seen better days, too.  This is why it's good to have a couple of back-up outfits put together in the back of your closet.  I had intended to pair a neck scarf and my wedges with this, but that was a little too much work.  So instead, I kept the shoes low and comfy and threw on a lot of silver jewelry.  For something so uninspired, I really like the way it turned out.

As for exhaustion - I came home yesterday afternoon and crashed during my 4-hour break from work.  The only bad thing?  When I went back to work, I kept greeting people with "good morning."  Um, yeah - it was 6pm.

6-3-10 5
6-3-10 6
Vest: 30¢ - Jumpsuit: 15¢ - Shoes: Ross, $9 - various rings


  1. Oh I am so with you, I have been crazy tired lately. I wish I had the oppurtunities during the day to take a nap ( I don't think my employer would like that to much :)

  2. Love this backup outfit, simple and pulled together ^_^

  3. "Iggy knows what I mean" :D
    You look outrageously cool. I love Ray Bans on you missy. And when you wear that vest as a top. You belong on some hip 90s show. I would have totally idolised you. Oh wait, I do. Haha.

    Keep it up with the training! Any tips for keeping up the motivation so pass them my way girlie xx

  4. What a fantastic go to outfit. It's amazing how a stack of jewellery can transform a look.

  5. I know what you mean. The weather gets my pumped during the day, but then at night I crash. My friends all want to go out and I'm just, no thanks, I'm staying home and blogging.

    Great outfit and cute dog :)

  6. Just read your last 2 posts. You my Dear are my most favorite fashion blogger. I love you style and more importantly I love your attitude. Keep inspiring this old lady!

    You are offcially A.Dor.Able!

  7. yes, the warm weather totally saps me of my energy!!
    and is that a jumpsuit? for 15 cents? kyla, you never fail to be jaw-droppingly cool and thrifty.

  8. Wow. I wish I could find items for under a dollar... thrift stores in Canada just aren't that cheap. Nice outfit.

  9. You still look like a stylish peep even when tired!
    The budget was clearly blown for this outfit....

  10. i definitely know that warm-weather lazy feeling! i can hardly get off my couch except for the fact that i'm too sweaty to stay there all day. gross, huh? i love your warm-weather outfit! that black jumpsuit is always great on you, and i like it styled with the vest and the multitude of rings. it doesn't look at all uninspired! ~joelle

  11. I feel like that today! I went to bed early last night, but I feel like I didn't sleep at all. Right now, I am finding myself getting closer and closer to my desk, this could be bad...

    Hope you get your energy back ASAP, but until then I love this outfit... that vest is the best!