Tuesday, June 22, 2010


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Hi, guys!  Meet my new favorite pants!  Yeah, I know.  This is about the 7,142nd pair of favorite pants this season, but really, guys ... this time I mean it.  I picked them up at The Rag and Bone last week between meetings.  I spotted them on a rack during an earlier trip and they got into my head, man.  I couldn't let them be.  Then, I tried not to get my hopes up, not knowing if they would fit.  When I tried them on in the fitting room, I squealed with delight as I closed the waistband.  They.  Were.  Perfect!

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6-21-10 3

The little explosions all over them seem fitting for summertime, no?  And since John is adamant about not wanting to see fireworks, this may be all I get.  (Seriously, before we went to the baseball game the other night, he practically had a sit down with me, making it clear that in no way, shape or form were we staying for fireworks.  Who doesn't like fireworks?!)  Anyway, I digress...

Know how much I love these pants?  So much that I couldn't bring myself to hem them and chose to wear wedges instead.  That's love, my friends.  And just look at them move:

6-21-10 46-21-10 5

Okay, I'm done.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for The Rag and Bone on Etsy!  Don't see anything you want right now?  No worries.  The shop has just opened, so new inventory is being added regularly.

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Pants: The Rag and Bone, $18 - Top: American Apparel, $22 - Shoes: Rue21, $27
Jacket: Thrifted, $2 - Sunnies: Betsey Johnson via Gilt.com, Credit


  1. these pants ARE awesome. you have been rocking some pretty fabulous pants these past few months, but i think these take the cake.
    plus there's some magic going on that's making you look especially tall and slender--i don't always think of pants as slenderizing, but these look unbelievably fabulous!

  2. love the way you rock those pants...

    Bones is great show!

  3. I love your penchant for patterned pants - it is amazing how you rock them!

  4. You look aamazing as usual, love your hair, love your shirt, and I am still in complete and utter love with your jacket, gorgeous.

    Love this outfit, absolutely do! The pants also look great on you, so fun!

    Let me tell you, I really love your hair today!

  5. love those pants!!!


  6. those pants are an amazing find!!!!!!!!

  7. those pants are an amazing find!!!!!!!!

  8. These pants are SO funky!
    The remind me of my xmas pants as a kid with all that patterning... http://www.the-lilypad.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=15280&ppuser=1981
    But funkier because they're high-wasited.
    You sure know how to pick em Kyla :)
    Congrats on the great find!

  9. super flattering pants. Your waist is so tiny and the high rise totally shows it off! You wear pants well my dear, very well :) Bravo

  10. You have the best pants. I love that. :D

  11. I love all of your favourite pants... you are quite daring and non conformist (?) in the pant department.

  12. Ummmm so hot pants much? I've been looking for some similar funky pants, but have yet to find anything amazing.

  13. Amazing pants. They actually reminded me of dandelion fluffies, which is also totally fitting for summer.

    Also, you inspire me to wear more pants. I love pants but I feel scared to pull them off most days. You always make them look so cool!

  14. I love your new love affair with pants. It makes me want to love pants. But I'm afraid.
    How do I overcome this fear oh wise pant wearer?

  15. Like fireworks! Love the pants. You wear them well.

  16. YES i love party pants and these are the best ever!!! and they're a perfect fit on you. that is like the find of the century. ~joelle

  17. Oh my lord... I am in love! These pants are amazing!!

  18. ...am I invited?


    (to the party on your pants)



    Seriously, though. Love them.