Thursday, June 10, 2010


6-9-10 1

I have been totally winging it this week.  Usually, I have some sort of notion of what I will be wearing throughout the week, but this week, I'm just flying my the seat of my yet-to-be-determined pants.  Usually, I hate that.  It makes me cranky and late for work, but this week, I've really been lucking out.  This outfit was a bit of a stretch.  I wasn't sure if it was going to look as great in real life as it did in my head, but I might love it in person even more!

6-9-10 2

It rained all day and was quite chilly, so I knew I wanted pants, closed toes and bright color.  Check.  Check.  And check.

6-9-10 3
6-9-10 4
6-9-10 5

I know I just wore these pants on Monday, but whatever.  That's the downside to loud pants - everyone recognizes them every time you wear them.  Luckily, I don't see the same people on a daily basis, so I'm safe!

6-9-10 6
Blazer: JCP, $25 - Blouse: Sears, $9 - Pants: B Green Loft, $8 - Shoes: JCP, $8


  1. That yellow top is just plain cool.

  2. I love that top. When I first opened this post I thought, " where is her belt?" I'm so used to seeing you tieing your belts in so many new ways!

  3. I love the combination of all these warm colors!! And that top is definitely one of my faves!

    p.s. Thanks for the beet tips. I sent Joe to the farmers market this morning with the explicit instruction to "buy me beets, woman!"

  4. I love this color palette, and that top is fantastic!

  5. Hooray for mustard. It does work really well together because even though the pants are quite loud they look almost muted with those other colours.
    Nice one :)

  6. Ooo it looks like you cut your hair off! Have you ever considered doing that?

  7. I've been too busy to comment lately but I just caught up and I am loving all your colorful looks. Summer totally agrees with you!

  8. I love the orange and mustard color combo here! So fresh and perfect for summer.

  9. I love love love that top! And I gotta tell you...I'm really wanting to get bangs again. You just look so darn cute in them!