Wednesday, June 30, 2010


6-29-10 1

This is very very similar to the outfit I wore here.  The only difference is the hair, jewelry, and shorts.  Chic, modern and comfy.

6-29-10 2
6-29-10 3
6-29-10 4

Oh, and a bit more work appropriate than the skirt.

6-29-10 5
Top: Simply Vera, thrifted (free) - Shorts: Target, $17ish - Flats: Target, $17


  1. I've been such a bad blogger friend this summer! I haven't commented at all, but I've been reading and swooning over all of your summer outfits! I'm such a winter girl myself and I do much better with tights and boots, but you are making these great summer outfits seem not so daunting! all of your looks have such unique summer pieces and you sure know how to rock that top knot. jealous that your hair is long enough to do it! as for this particular outfit, adore the funky pattern on the top, and the color of the flats. very pretty as always! I hope that everything is great with you. :) just received your one shoulder dress in the mail and I was going to save it to wear to la in a few weeks. is that alright? let me know! thanks!

    make sure to enter the COACH give away!

  2. I love this outfit! It's summer chic, but still looks very comfortable. I love the print on that top.

  3. Love your bright blue flats!

  4. When I look at your posts I always think 'easy, breezy, beautiful...' cheesy? yes true? yes

  5. I really like the pattern of your top. You look so cool for summer.

  6. I thought the skirt version was pure perfection, but now you show us this and I am even more in love! The shoes absolutely make the outfit- oh and last week I found the same pair in glittered leopard. Now I have blue, orange, and animal print, and I scored the new pair for $4.00!

  7. I have to say, I really love the way the back of that shirt falls.