Sunday, May 2, 2010


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Whoooowy!  It was HOT this weekend!  And I loved it!  I also loved my Saturday outfit.  So, even though I rarely do weekend posts, I just had to share this funky little number.  It was the perfect me get-up for an afternoon lunch with friends and a Free Comic Book Day dinner with John and the gang.

Despite how they photograph, these pants actually aren't jersey or sweats material at all.  They are, in fact, a drapey linen - and if you're lucky enough to get close (hehe), you can even see slightly variegated tones throughout the weave.  I wish it showed up better in the photos, because it really makes them that much cooler.  I know, I know - they're not for everybody, but they're most definitely for me.

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I love that this outfit has that slouchy, layered look while still maintaining an easy breezy feeling to keep me cool in the hot and humid weather.  And it's oh-so-subtle, but I'm wearing a black bra under a cream lace top!  I love how it worked out, because it was definitely very sheer and a little risky business, but with the jacket and all, it was almost my little secret.

Too bad I suck at keeping secrets.

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Sunnies and tank:, gift card won from Fell 4 Fashion - Jacket: Sears, $25
Pants: self-made - Necklace: thrifted, $3-$4 - Shoes: Target, $15ish


  1. Hello Kyla! I have been following you for a while now and I just wanted you to know that I love your style. In fact, you inspired not one but two of my outfits from this past week! jaja thanks so much for being such an inspiration!

  2. I really love that lace top (shockboutique you say?) and I don't suppose you're interested in taking orders...? I really love and want those pants. Totally didn't realize they were in linen (thought they were sweatpants) and that's makes them even better.

  3. i at first thought those pants were made out of sweat-pant material, and i couldn't believe you wore them this weekend in the crazy heat!

    cute look though, and such a pretty shirt.

  4. YAY FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! sadly we didn't make it this year. what were the special releases?

  5. This is a really amazing outfit. I love the number of layers, patterns, materials, and overall styles going on here. The lace top is such an interesting contrast to the pants and makes for such a pulled together, sexy spot in a more casual look. You look wonderful.

    I also hit up some Free Comic Book Day fun. Woohoo!! Free things are the BEST, especially when they involve super heroes or and cool graphics and excuses not to study!

  6. love your look! you look fab, and your pics are beautiful!