Friday, April 30, 2010


4-30-10 1
4-30-10 2

I'll give you a dollar if you know who sings that song.  I remember being very young, driving around with my mom, singing it together like it was our job.  You know, back in the day when you dubbed LP's onto a cassette tape.  Ah, the 80's.

4-30-10 3

However, that's not the 80's to which I'm referring.  Today, it's about the 80's on the thermometer.  Giddy up, cowboy!  Man, I love it when it's hot!

4-30-10 4
4-30-10 5

I also love Fridays, because I feel like I can wear stuff that would otherwise be wildly inappropriate for my life.  Like short sequins and a deeeep v-neck.  Are you loving my thrifted Kenneth Cole skirt?  Oh, did I mention I thrifted it for 30¢?  How do you like me now?

4-30-10 6

So, after I took these photos, I really wanted to take some more photos in the woods.  The lighting was so beautiful and I thought "How cool would sequins look in the wild?  The juxtaposition of night club and country!"  I guess I was feeling all emo and bloggy and what not.  Anyway, I tip-toed as best I could in the 6" of dead leaves all the way to that tree, just to get so grossed out by what might be living in said leaves that I turned right around and booked it back out as fast as I could.  But not before my camera snapped this shot.  Can you see the sheer horror on my face?  Once I was safely back on the manicured lawn, I immediately checked for ticks, 'cuz I know a thing or two.

Needless to say ... epic fail.

4-30-10 7
Skirt: thrifted, 30¢ - Shirt: F21, $5 - Jacket: thrifted $2 - Shoes: Madden Girl, $23 - Bag: Target, $6


  1. I love the heat too! You're so cute in your textured mini. It's a good balance to the fatigue jacket.

  2. we are almost hair twins today! And OMG, that was the funniest shot ever.

  3. love the balancing you are doing in this outfit! I'm seriously going to have to drive to your town and shop at your thrift stores. You find all of this amazing stuff for less than a buck. I am jealous!

    I am loving the 80's weather we are having here too.

    I knew what song your title is, but I couldn't remember who sang it. So I aint going to lie I looked it up. K.T. Olson.

  4. hehehe.... I hate not knowing what's under those leaves. Love the pic though:) And the sequined skirt is too cute! I never find anything for a mere 30cents though. Good find!

  5. I totally remember that song, but I had to look it up - KT Oslin!

    Love the look, BTW :)

  6. KT Oslin... you owe me a dollar! Oh man I totally grew up on that song too. Could sing every word right this very minute without the assistance of the internet! I've never known anyone else my age who knew it... so yay Kyla! I always replaced "C my name is Courtney" with "C my name is Chelsea" of course :)

    Cute neutral look, and what a STEAL on that skirt!

  7. your hair look so pretty like that!
    and the juxtaposition of rugged jacket and sequins is extra-perfect.
    (p.s. last photo=hilarious).

  8. I didn't see the sequins until the very last shot, it looked kind of tweed to me. Time to put the glasses back on!
    I love what you've done with it. I'm a huge fan of how you use half tucking a shirt in as a fashion statement.

  9. I love this outfit. It's gorgeous! you look really pretty.

  10. $0.30! You are officially the thrifting queen-- I'm crazy impressed! Oh, and I laughed OUT LOUD in the middle of starbucks when I read that description/saw the last picture-- I love it!

  11. I hope this link works Kyla. I was browsing on and they are featuring maxi dresses. They put together a "look" that was so YOU...even to the bun in the hair.

  12. I love the heat too. Can't wait til summer hits!

    The texture of your skirt is great. 30 cents?? Amazing find!!

  13. It's official Kyla, we have to meet in person some day... you know K.T. Olsin and you like her song 80's Ladies! We are destined to get along. I grew up listening to her albums in the car with my mom and I still listen to her regularly! Favorite line... "We burned our bras, and we burned our dinners, and we burned our candles at both ends..." So classic.
    That is also a beautiful jacket and super fun skirt you have on. Also, loving you in a braid!

  14. LOL, this made me laugh cuz I feel the same way about icky bugs. Love the hair, and that sequin mini is cute!

  15. Love the sequined skirt with the military-inspired jacket - such great contrast!

  16. you have to be the most successful thrifter i have encountered. very cute.

  17. BAHAHA that last pic is priceless. Kenneth Cole for 30 cents? Some people have all the luck... :)

  18. Yay for heatwaves, yay for that skirt, and YAY for that awesome last picture!!