Monday, May 3, 2010


Monday, Monday...

1.  If you haven't already watched this, please do.  I spent way too much of my life making it, but I loved every minute.  And it makes me happy every time I watch it.  For those of you who asked, my camera is a Canon SX10IS.  I really do love it, but having a strong background in photography, I feel like I've limited myself quite a bit by not getting a dSLR.  I'm saving for one, though, and once I get close, I will most likely be selling my SX10.

2.  I had breakfast with a dear friend on Friday.  We were talking about working out, and she has just started the 30-Day Shred since having a baby this year.  I, of course, was gushing about it, and she chimed in with what she likes about it.  Basically, it's circuit training, so you only do each move for a total of 2 minutes.  She said she really liked that and then said this, "I can do anything for 2 minutes."  Wow! That's awesome!  How had I never thought about it so simply before?  Well, in only a few days since that conversation, I have done many things for 2 minutes. Or an extra 2 minutes.  Or a harder 2 minutes.  And every time, I heard her words.  This is why we all need amazing friends!

3.  I talked to my little brother yesterday!  He'll be back from basics and tech school in only a couple of weeks.  I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly and I can't wait to see him again.  I know that it's been a life-changing experience for him, and I know he's now a better man.  Which is saying a lot, because he was pretty decent to begin with!

4.  Did you know that I twiddle my thumbs?  John says I'm the only person he's ever met who actually does it in real life.  I don't know why I do it or when it started, but it doesn't take too long for my idle hands to start moving.

5.  I ate out waaay too much this past weekend.  Even though I did my best to make good choices, I'm afraid I'll be doing damage control for the next couple of weeks.  Why is it that you can gain 2 pounds in 6 hours, but have to work your ass off for 6 weeks to lose it.  Gaah!


  1. I agree with #5, I had a bad weekend, and gained 1.5 pounds.

    What is the 30 day shred? Is it in book form?

  2. Amen to number 6!! I killed it this weekend...I managed to eat 86 points worth of food in one day on Saturday! Ridiculous! Ridiculous!

  3. If you decide to sell your Canon I would love to buy it off you!! I have been looking around for a camera that will be a good fit for my casual blogging. I love the feature you mentioned on yours of the continuous shots, thats what I need!

    You twiddle your thumb huh? I don't think I have seen anyone else do it either! LOL You're so funny :)

    You're right about amazing friends... I have a best friend that does the same thing for me. We are so much alike, but then she will randomly say these simple yet profound things, I am like... OMG, I love you!!

  4. hey girlie! you are in the Payless style book, if you didn't know already...

    I thought, "Hey, I know those fabulous red boots..."

  5. I ate waaaay too much this weekend too. Cheese is my crack.

  6. I can totally relate to #5. I love your one woman photo shoot, it was really fun to watch!

  7. I think that's a great thing to remember -- "I can do anything for two minutes."

    Food for thought :)


  8. Ugh, I was thinking the exact same thing as #6 last night! Laaaaame. However, with that said, thanks to #2 maybe I can bring myself to work out for just a few more minutes to work off all that delicious food I had this weekend. ;)

  9. I love your random thoughts. My mind works this way as well. :-)

    I went out to eat a lot this weekend as well, since it was my husband's birthday weekend.

    Also, your friend's comment about being able to do anything for 2 minutes is very inspiring and motivating. Thanks for sharing!!