Monday, April 5, 2010


Oh, happy Monday ...

1.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I thoroughly enjoyed mine.  Saturday, I went to a clothing swap, and yesterday was my first WHOLE day off since New Years.  It was glorious. though it was mainly spent cleaning the house.  Either way, I didn't have to set my alarm clock and that made me a happy camper.

2.  While we didn't do anything very Eastery, we did cook out.  If you thought cooked ham was good, you should try it on the grill. Mmmmm...  I love ham, but it's soooo salty.  I'm pretty sure my sweat was 3x saltier than usual this morning.  Not that I go around licking myself, but when it's rolling down your face, well ... sorry, I know it's gross, but I'm just sayin'...

3.  I made black bean brownies this weekend.  Have you ever tried them?  It's nothing more than a box of brownie mix combined with a can of drained, mashed black beans and a little bit of water.  Then, baked according to the box.  They're super fudgey .. and fibery.
4.  Does anyone else watch Friday Night Lights?  We just started watching it a couple of weeks ago and I'm way hooked.  Big Tim Riggins is oh soooo dreamy ...

5.  As part of our spring cleaning yesterday, I did the dreaded wardrobe switcharoo.  All of my winter clothes are now packed away in lieu of my easy breezy summer pieces.  I hate doing it and spent a LOT of time procrastinating, but I'm glad it's done.  Especially because my summer clothes take up significantly less space than my bulky winter stuff.

Speaking of procrastinating ... must go finish my taxes ... now ...


  1. Beans in the brownies?? I don't know about that one Kyla! I need you to warn me about that if I ever come to your house for a cookout! LOL

  2. I did the ol' closet switcheroo on Thursday when I got home from work. I don't know how I even got it done, my closet looks soo clean now, I love it (although the roomie-ness makes me want to fill it up more).

  3. I'm reading your ramblings as a way of avoiding the big switcheroo myself. I have a swap coming up too so I need to weed out as I go. I know I'll be much happier about it once it's done!

  4. The black bean brownies sound interesting. I'll have to try it! As for the ham, if you soak it overnight before cooking it'll be less salty. I haven't done a full switcheroo yet because I'm afraid the (Michigan) weather is going to turn cold again!

  5. black beans BROWNIES? Holy cow. I need to try that.

  6. idk why but i always look forward to reading your ramblings :)

  7. I love Friday Night Lights (Tim Riggins is a big part of that) & I'm really excited because the new season starts in a few weeks.
    With regard to your question in a different post, I have a thrifted denim A-line skirt that's my biggest summer workhorse; it's cool, breezy, comfortable and goes with literally everything. I highly recommend everyone owning one.