Friday, April 2, 2010


4-2-10 1

This outfit is making me feel way cooler than I actually am - something that could probably get me in a lot of trouble, I'm sure.

4-2-10 2
4-2-10 4

I also feel like I should be strolling down Venice Beach or chilling at a music festival.  But alas, I am not.

4-2-10 3
4-2-10 5

Instead, I'm running errands and working a few hours in a little college town in the valleys of PA.  Of course, being a college town on the first 80 degree day of the year, things are jumpin'.  The outdoor bars have been packed since noon and everyone seems to be coming out of the woodwork.  In just a few short weeks, school will let out for the summer and we can reclaim our quaint little town.

As for me, my day is much less exciting.  So far, I have run, washed my hair (first time since Sunday), worn the same pants as yesterday, worked a little, had Subway and ate my first chocolate covered Peep.  If nothing else, I've at least gotten my annual allowance of yellow food dye.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Now, quit reading blogs and get outside!

4-2-10 6
Vest: Thrifted, 30¢ - Tank: Target, $6 - Pants: Worthington by JCP, $18 (some of you have asked about these - I did not alter them at all - this is off the rack - HUZZAH!) - Sandals: Ross, $9
Hat: courtesy of PacSun - Bracelet: Body Central, $4ish


  1. Kyla! This is so darn cute and chic! It does kind of look like you should be in a gangsta movie or something. Everything came together so perfectly!

    And far as meeting one day! I hope so! But you will find that I am way cooler on "paper" than in real life! LOL

    And yes, I am engaged...then got unengaged...and then kinda back on the "low low" engaged if he learns to follow my directions well. That's why I don't really mention it...Ha ha!

  2. I am so jealous of the weather you have over there! It's cold and raining here - just typical for the Easter holiday!
    Love the hat - I am on the hunt for something similar for when the sun finally shines over here.

  3. Hey, you got some nice guns going on!! How about a quit shot of you flexin... hehehe :)

  4. Love this outfit. It's perfect for this weather.

  5. Love that the singlet is untucked on one side. You're such a bad ass! ;)

  6. I think it's denim vests. When I wear one I feel cooler too!

  7. those pants are so cute on you!

    lovelove, M.

  8. I love your hat and sunglasses. And again, those pants! Awesome!

  9. You are looking super gorgeous lately miss! I love the way you're styling these pants here and in all your previous posts too. Gosh I feel good after my bluecollarcatwalk fix!

  10. Love the look! I am so jealous of the temps that you are getting - we still have frost some mornings!

  11. I don't like this pants in this outfit :( I prefer a pair of skinny jeans...but the vest, tank, hat and shoes are absolutely perfect my dear! ;)

  12. I am headed outside to see the cherry blossoms in just a few short hours. I wasn't sure what to wear but this look has totally inspired me! Love it!

  13. So cute and perfect for the weather. I am working on altering a pair of thrifted pants using your harem pants tutorial from last spring. Then I will steal this look completely!

    I completely sympathize with the college town thing. I am anxiously awaiting the point where my favorite bar goes from being filled with frat boys to being the place where everyone you know is bound to be. It's like our own hometown Cheers.

  14. Love the pants! And the vest and hat are so perfect for each other!

  15. Thanks for being so wonderful. I just nominated you for a sunshine award! Come on over and pick it up.

  16. Oooooo, I loveth the denim vest over the tank. I saw that labeled as a "hot new look" in a magazine lately, but I was sad because my arms are too flabby...looks amazing on you, though! I love the hat/sandals/pants with it, too.

  17. This outfit is indeed the essence of cool. The fedora, the perfectly cut pants, the jean vest... so cool I'm hardly worthy of being your blogger friend ;]
    No but really Kyla, awesome outfit!

  18. I love this outfit, I'm tempted to claim it as a favorite, it's so good. That hat is always awesome and looks great on you! S