Thursday, April 8, 2010


4-8-10 1

The title is a little homage to my weekend activities.  We're going to see Wilco!  Yay!  It's been almost one year exactly since we last saw them.
I'm so excited ...

4-8-10 2
4-8-10 3

Okay, pulled together now.  I don't know what it is with the warm weather, but my dressing immediately because very simple and laid back.  Not that my style is ever much more than that, it's just more exaggerated this time of year.

4-8-10 4

Hope you're all having a funkadelic day!
I'll leave you with this super awesome picture puzzle:

4-8-10 5
Tee: Charlotte Russe, $5 - Pants: Worthington for JCP, $18 - Sandals: Ross, $9 - Jewelry: local or vintage


  1. This is such an awesome comfy casual outfit! And that last picture of you and Iggy rocks!

  2. I really like your pants. There. I said it. They go against everything (I thought) I believed in, but I just can't help it. They're totally cool and I hope I can find a similar pair and totally rock 'em like you do. Inspiration noted.

  3. Loving this look. And I can tell you are too which just makes it even better!
    Have a blast at the show :)

  4. I really love how rock star chic this is. The nonchalant way you tucked in the shirt is perfection.

  5. Oh, man, that is awesome. Have fun at the concert!

  6. I haven't been to a concert in so long, and I have absolutely no excuse! Most bands on tour come through NYC. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Lady Gaga in concert. You look adorable and chic per usual. Lovin those sandals!

  7. HAHAHAHAHA @ the last picture.... hilarious! :) Love the laid back chill look! Have fun this weekend!

  8. I really like this combo--the tee shirt with the dressier pants. Not that they're dressy, but, you know. Very cute!

  9. lol at the kicking butt photo, love it!

  10. I love love love how the these sandals look with the pants! The sandals are so adorable!