Wednesday, April 7, 2010


4-7-10 1

This was my first picture today.  As you know, I usually take my photos with my little sidekick Iggy.  I figure if my outfit sucks, I can at least woo you in with my cute little munchkin.

Today, however, the cute little munchkin was a little rotten.  The top photo was snapped after I set the self-timer and then Iggy decided to wrap his leash around my tripod.

4-7-10 2

Then, I turned around, and he had run out the gate!

4-7-10 3

Finally, I got him into his pose.  He looks like a teeny tiny mountain dog, doesn't he?

Okay, outfit stuff - although, I'm not exactly showing you anything new here.  I gave you fair warning about the frequency of these pants.  I wasn't lying.  I love the combination with the rope belt, pewter gladiators and big dangly earrings.

4-7-10 4

I wore this almost exact outfit on Saturday, but instead of a crew neck tee, I wore my beloved AA deep-v tee, which I very much preferred to this one.  Unfortunately, it's not exactly appropriate for work (as discussed yesterday), so I had to make some concessions.  Quite frankly, after looking at these photos, I think this t-shirt sucks.  I hate the way it stretches funny, and it's making my boobs look ginormous.  Not a fan.  I must track down a suitable replacement.  Like, stat.

4-7-10 5
Sucky T-shirt: Target, $6 - Earrings: ?, old - Pants: Thrifted, $6 - Shoes: Ross, $11


  1. You and your puppy are very cool.

  2. OH goodness, I disagree! When I saw the first few pictures I saw that T and how it fits close to the body but in a flattering way and I thought to myself, "Dang, sometimes there is just something about a basic T that looks soo stylish!"

  3. I am totally loving this combo! The sandals and earrings totally spice it up, and the rope belt was the perfect choice!

    Iggy is adorable. And the story behind the photo shoot was as well!

    PS. I gotta say I really like the tee shirt! But it's all about you and your comfort, and for me even if everyone in the world loves something, if I feel weird in it, it's time to get rid of it. Although... I used to think that about skinny jeans... hmm...

  4. I have shirts that stretch like that too, I have them in a pile on my floor right now to be chucked out soon. For the record, your's looks nice with your slouchy pants and your waist looks super skinny in contrast, but I know what you mean. I dont like looking like I have big boobs either - I feel unclassy. :p

    You and Iggy are the best mumma, puppa combo I have ever seen :) I love how his tail seems to match your top knot here!

  5. Love this outfit a lot. I think the belt knot is really clever. Iggy is absolutely adorable!

  6. Great neutral look, and yay for outtake photos! I haven't had a good one to include in a while.

  7. Oh my goodness, Iggy is the best! haha! I love seeing blunder photos.

    PS: Love the belt! :)

  8. Yes, I did notice your chest looked especially voluptuos (spelling?) today...Haha, I kid, I'm not that creepy.
    I love how you rock these pants... look fresh everytime. Why don't you roadtrip it up herr? (my passport is 7 days expired...whoopsie)

  9. i absolutely love how you tied your belt!

  10. I love your hair in this pic!! So cute!

  11. You are the queen of chic neutrals! I especially love the belt.

  12. your outfits remind me of the ladies in epic movies...period pieces - however you call them...the whole gladiator, strong female lead type look.

  13. For what it's worth, I love the fit of that tee on you!

  14. such a cute puppy!!! these shots are so charming.
    i actually like that gray shirt (but i love pretty much anything gray) and i think it looks pared down and lovely with the pants and belt.

  15. Intelligent ToolApril 8, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    you & your boobs look great!

  16. Simple, but oh so chic! Love it. And the hair keeps it interesting.