Tuesday, March 2, 2010


3-2-10 1

Oh, you guys! Can you smell it?  Can you hear it?  I think spring is knocking on the door!

3-2-10 2

Today's temps were still a little chilly, but mild.  I ran this morning with no hat and only 2 layers.  And the birds were just chirping away!  And because I'm ever so slightly (haha) stubborn, I didn't wear a coat today.  I wasn't outside very long, but when I was, it was rather comfortable.

3-2-10 3

I'm sure my high hopes will be dashed once or twice in the coming weeks, but I'll just keep my eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel.  Right now, the 2 things I'm most excited about are:
1. not having to wear a heavy coat
2. more sunlight.

3-2-10 4

I heard something about snow tonight, but then I plugged my ears.

3-2-10 5
Blazer: JCP, $25 - Oxford: Bitten, $10 - Dress: Fred Flare, $40 - Boots: courtesy of Payless


  1. I can smell it! Can't hear it yet....

  2. YES! I thought today how it smelled different and fresh, and the birds would not stop their happy chirping... signs of spring, everywhere!!! I like this subtle transition into spring outfit. And like always, those boots are amazing!


  3. 1. I'm completely ignoring the weather people at this point.

    2. The sound of those birds is like sweet music.

    3. I wore a vest the other day instead of a coat and it was heaven!

    I'm willing spring too and I know it will feel like forever until it's here. I like how you gave it a nod here though!

  4. Holy balls, this is the most perfect pre-Spring outfit! ;)

    Seriously, though, I love it when you wear that dress, and those boots just scream "sunshine and Spring"!

  5. I'm getting to the point where I'm ready for spring. Dresses andight colors will be nice!

    I'm so glad you got your necklace. I can't wait to see how you wear it!

  6. The print and the boots you are wearing definitely make me hear spring! I'm willing it here, too! I'm craving sunlight.

  7. Love those boots with the neutral outfit.

    I'm eager for spring myself: I'm also craving sunshine and coatlessness, but I'm really looking forward to a break from boots with non-skid soles...

  8. pretty. great dress and expert layering

  9. Oh, I love, love the layers! It must have been blue button down day, I wore one, and yours is the 3rd I have counted in my google reader LOL.

  10. This is such a beautiful outfit! I just started feeling the first signs of spring these past few days as well. It will be nice to shed some layers again.

  11. you look great!!!! cute outfit, loooove the skirt!

  12. Ooo...this is one of my favorite outfits you've worn. I love the red boots with the flowy dress.


  13. I was stubborn and wore bare feet in my half-booties. Kinda cold but whatever...
    I am really impressed with how often and how well you have re-mixed this dress. It always looks good!

  14. Love this outfit! the way you tied the top is so cute, and of course the red boots are beautiful! I can't wait for spring too!


  15. I love this look and the layers. Perfect "Wish you were here, Spring" outfit.

    BTW - You're the only person I know that can rock those red boots...they're very iconic.

  16. This is a great trasitional outfit. You are going to get so much wear out of that dress/denim shirt combo. I'm kinda super jealous :)

  17. I hope your right about spring. Simply put this outfit is awesome. Thanks for all the awesome ideas.

  18. I am with you, counting down the days until spring....18 Days.

    Your red boots so with everything, they are so fantastic!

  19. I too, ditched my coat today. Feels fantastic doesn't it.

    And ooooh! This outfit may have just solved a blazer pairing conundrum I've been struggling with for weeks. Hooray!

  20. Cant wait for spring either...I wore a skirt today and didnt freeze my butt off. Its funny how girls will jump at the first opportunity to dress springy. Cant stand long winters.

    by the way, check out my last blog post, I'm giving away a subscription to Teen Vogue...

  21. o my goodness, love how you tied the shirt and then wore a blazer over it! Fantastic!

  22. I love how you layered all of this! I would never think to do a tied button up under a blazer, but now I'm inspired!

  23. It's such a tease around here... like Sunday was gorgeous!! However, today it gets cold again.... anywho, you rock this outfit! I love how you tied that top and paired it with the different layers! :)

  24. I totally dressed in honor of you today- and my hair is finally long enough to put in a topknot. (Though it did fall a little during class...sniff.)

    Do you waterproof your suede boots? Are your red ones suede?

  25. Someone told me that spring is coming to Chicago, but I won't believe it! I KNOW there's going to be more snow!

    I love this outfit, Kyla. You're looking fabulously, Sprin-u-lously romantic and lovely. And the red boots give it such zing!

  26. I love your optimism. I do the exact same thing - as soon as I tire of winter, I stop wearing a coat in the hopes that it will somehow hurry spring along. This is a fab look. I would have never thought to tie that denim shirt like that as a layer. Genius!

  27. I am TOTALLY wishing Spring! I'm hoping if we all wish hard enough it will come SOON...

    You look adorable, Kyla! Always love those red boots!