Monday, March 1, 2010


3-1-10 inspiration

I found this old Gap ad while flipping through a magazine from several years ago.  It doesn't seem like too much, but for some reason, I was really inspired by it.  It's just so slick.

So, behold my loose interpretation...

3-1-10 1
3-1-10 2

It was pretty easy.  I had all of these pieces in my wardrobe already.  Believe it or not, I had never even unpacked this turtleneck from my winter storage.  I can't believe I've been without it all winter.

Someone asked to know more about my silver ring.  It's actually a bit of an heirloom.  It belonged to a great aunt and I found it in my grandmother's jewelry when she passed away.  I'm pretty much addicted to it right now.  It's amazing to me how old it is, and yet, how modern.

3-1-10 3

After a long day of super-productivity, I'm off to work for a couple of hours and then bar trivia, courtesy of our local dive.  Luckily, John is a trivia all-star, and he's always on my team :)

3-1-10 4
3-1-10 5
Knit Jacket: Strawberry, $30 - Turtleneck: Target, $17 - Necklace: Target, $3 - Pants: JCP, $20 - Shoes: Madden Girl, $23


  1. You look gorgeous! It goes to show you how classic some looks can really be.

  2. I've been flipping through old magazines too (trying to purge) and it amazes me what was already in editorials in 2007. We think we're so ahead but in many ways magazines still influence us (though the tide is turning).
    Anyways, love this. simple and chic! Amen!

  3. I actually think your version of the outfit is a lot cuter than the ad. :)

    The photos are gorgeous too. The bare trees and snow look mysterious and magical...

  4. Great adaptation. I especially love the shoes!

  5. your interpretation is perfect! This outfit is simple but very nice! ;)

  6. Love the inspiration of this outfit...that ad could easily be one running the pages of fashion mags right now.

  7. That's amazing that you were able to apply the inspiration to pieces you already have!

  8. Sleek as can be. I love that turtleneck!

  9. Oooh me like. I love the outfit on you!!Really nice and sleek. :-)

  10. Great interpretation. I love when random inspiration yeilds something fabulous!

  11. I love how some looks are fabulous always! Like this one :)

  12. I love it! I'll have to try this out now too :D

  13. Kyla,

    The jacket and necklace are absolutely fabulous!!!


  14. Black and white always looks chic.

  15. soo cool!!
    i really love this jacket.

  16. i can't believe that's an OLD ad - it's amazing how classic pieces really do stay in style...

    i have an heirloom ring i wear every day as well - people are always asking where i got it!

  17. Just discovered you, and now so curious to see your etsy shop! Will be back.