Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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Well, folks ...  this is about the closest thing to a suit I own.  And the closest I care to own.  I had to make a first impression today in an attempt to secure a new account for work.  That sounds waaaay more professional and white collar than it really is.  I may or may not have done my job - I got a little confused and may have given some bad information.  Nothing that can't be fixed, though.

On top of that, I worked at 2 other jobs and had a client meeting this evening.  Whew!  Now, that's a full schedule!

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1-12-10 4

I'm sporting the high-waisted pants once again and I think this is my favorite combination so far!  I only wish I had noticed the hanger crease on the knee before leaving the house.  Oopsie!  Hopefully, no one was looking at my knees!  Despite the krinkles, I felt successfully pulled together and stylish to boot.

Check out how the dump truck invaded this last picture.  John thought is was hysterical that the words "municipal waste" ended up right next to my head.  Thanks, trash guy ...

1-12-10 5
Pants: JCP, $18 - Sleeveless Jacket: Sears, $25 - Shirt: Gap, $20ish - Flats: JCP, $8

Oh, and just for shits and giggles, here's an outtake.  I had a little timer malfunction today and ended unknowingly taking way too many pictures of my back end.   At least I wasn't picking a wedgie ... in this one, anyway.

1-12-10 6


  1. You do look very stylish and professional! You may have just made me reconsider my stance on vests and sleeveless jackets.

  2. Kyla, look VERY polished and pulled together! Magazine worthy, for sure. I absolutely love this and would definitely wear it myself.

  3. This looks very professional, but with much more personality than a suit. :)
    I'm trying to put together so many different interview outfits at the moment (and me being me refuse to wear the same outfit twice) it is HARD!
    I need some high waisted pants like those ones I think!

  4. Oooh, bootay! :D

    This is my favorite styling of these pants as well. The blazer-vest does really nice things to balance the pants.


    @ MAISONCHAPLIN.blogspot.com

  6. I love this outfit, you really pull of your high waisted pants, and the ruffled blouse is perfect!

  7. Your John makes me laugh. He is quite a silly one. ;-)

    Anyways, i think the outfit is great. Here in Eastern NC, if you wore anything more formal than that, it would feel overdressed (based on experience - LOL)

    Anyways, love it!!

  8. I'm wearing my version of a "suit" today too! I love the way the structured vest compliments the high-waist trousers, and the ruffles add a sweet feminine touch. You look very put-together but still you!

  9. I love your "suit"; good luck with the interview! These pants are so incredible on you, and I love that fabulous shirt, too.

  10. The ruffled blouse is perfect to bring a bit of femininity to a menswear look. A chic take on a suit!

  11. I absolutely HATE wearing suits and every once and awhile have to sport one for work unfortunately. However, this is such a great alternative for a professional, yet not so stuffy look.

    BTW - I didn't even notice that was a dump truck until you mentioned something. Hilarious!

  12. hahah.. I do that pretty much every time with the rear pics! :) lol... I love love love this outfit! The high waisted pants are awesome... and that ruffled shirt is fabulous!

  13. you look great!!! i don't(and refuse) to own a suit!!! i cringe at the idea- but i do like how put togther seperates can be!!!
    u look very professional and stylish at the same time!!

    p.s- thanks for the sweet comment you left me :)

  14. You look very chic and professional! I kinda hope I never need a full suit myself...this seems properly business-y to me while still being cute.
    P.S. On the Bloch wedges; I actually couldn't get to the flats I wanted in time, so the wedges were my second choice. :) I can't believe that whole set sold out so quickly!

  15. Such a pretty blouse! Looove this little faux "suit"!

    And who knows, maybe the dump truck driver is a fan of your blog & wanted a little air time, haha.

    Forgive my lame jokes :]

  16. I love the ruffled blouse and the vest....not quite sure on where I stand with the pants. Love your expression in the 5th photo! AMAZING blog.

  17. I love the ruffled blouse and the vest....not quite sure on where I stand with the pants. Love your expression in the 5th photo! AMAZING blog.

  18. Chic! Love the ruffles on the top!
    And your hair looks great too.
    X, fashionnerdic.

  19. Love these high waisted pants on you. You are totally rocking them.

    This is a great outfit that looks professional and business like, but not to stuck up.

    Great Job and you look amazing!

  20. Nice butt shot!

    I love the vest and ruffly shirt together- it's very polished and fun!

  21. A great example of putting pieces together- thats a suit for me!! Of course- I live in a town known for it's meth production and knife fights.