Monday, November 2, 2009


11-2-09 1

It's 4:30 and the sun is falling rapidly.  Oh, daylight savings, how I have such mixed feelings for you.  On one hand, I thoroughly enjoyed my extra hour of sleep this weekend.  On the other hand, our evening hours of light are going to be pretty much non-existent for the next several months.

11-2-09 2

At least it still looks pretty.  And they cleaned up all the leaves today.  They look so pretty blanketing the ground, but not so pretty tracked into the house.  Especially because Iggy insists on eating them when they're tracked inside.

11-2-09 3

I'm definitely glad I got this sweater.  It's slouchy enough to layer, but the belt gives it just enough shape to still highlight my waist.  Otherwise, I tend to look like a blob.

11-2-09 4

You've seen everything else before.  The skirt is the adored Fred Flare dress with the heart cutout in the back.  It pains me to cover up that pretty little heart, but I love the look of the skirt, too.

11-2-09 5

How crazy is this picture?!  I have no idea where Iggy was off to, but he looks like a mustang!

Sweater: TJMaxx, $20 - Dress: Fred, Flare $40 - Boots: Payless, Weardrobe Conference
Tights: Hue, $11 - Tee: Target, $3ish


  1. Oh I feel for you, winter daylight saving is awful!
    We just had summer daylight savings down here.

    Love the snuggly sweater, very cute, especially the belt.

  2. Love the boots & comfy sweater =) so chic, but still warm and snuggly looking!

    That pic of Iggy is the BEST!!

    I love the Payless boots (that's where they're from, right?). I want the blue pumps you have from there SO badly! The ones that tie over your foot, to die for =)

  3. I fall in love with those boots every time you wear them!
    very cute outfit. :o)

  4. those red boots are amazing!!!

  5. Oh seeing you layer these autumn pieces onto what could be a summer dress is making me excited for our cooler months.. Okay, so where I live there is only really a cool month. & it's mostly only cold at night. But a girl can dream! :)

    LOVE this one as well.
    You continue to inspire me.
    I bought a blazer when I tripped it down to the city for the pure fact you & Elaine wear them so well.


  6. That last picture is priceless. It actually made me laugh out loud. And I'm loving this whole look - especially the heavy knit - flouncy floral combination!

  7. I'm having the same battle with the sun here in Chicago. It was dark when I walked home from work today! :(

    You look just lovely, and I love that sweater more and more each time you wear it!

  8. owhh damn fab red boots ,nice sweater and amazing skirt :))

  9. Love these red boots!! your dog is super cute too :)

  10. Great pics with the sun! and genius putting that sweater over the dress :)

  11. LOL, that last picture is just hilarious!

  12. I just cant get enough of your fabulous red boots!! I love the way u keep finding new outfits in which to wear them. Your blog is great, congrats!

  13. i saw this post the other day (yes, i'm a lurker!) and totally copied it today!

    i found a similar sweater in black @ f21, layered it over a floral print dress, and since i only have the standard black/tan/grey flat boots and (not bright red ones!), i threw on my green tights for color!!

    thanks for the inspiration!!

  14. I love the red boots with the earth tones. I have purple boots that serve the same purpose for me. Thanks for sharing!