Monday, November 2, 2009


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I'm *patiently* awaiting the arrival of my new babies.  Found these in Target and was shocked that they fit so perfectly.  NOT ONLY does my whole foot slide into them like a dream, but my beefy calves fit snug as a bug in a rug.  AND, the top unfolds, which means since I'm only three apples tall, they transform into over-the-knee boots.  Yay!

Unfortunately, they didn't have my size in the store, so I had to order them online.  FORTUNATELY, online they have an additional color that I like even better!


  1. I'm waiting for my boots too! Agony, right?

  2. So cute! Target TOTALLY hit it out of the park this fall with their boot selection. I was amazed!!!

  3. Those boots are adorable! I hope you have better luck receiving your shoes from check out my blog post for my unfortunately experience. :(

  4. You're gonna LOVE these!! I've only worn mine a couple times (with jeans) whenever I try to wear them with a dress they steal the show lol. They're really comfy but really slouchy, I haven't tried flipping up the top yet but I totally keep meaning to!

    I've been waiting FOREVER for a sweater dress from Target that shipped over a week ago blah. It's black, and I want to try it out with these bad boys =P

  5. Augh, Target can suck it. I love them , I really do... but I ordered these booties

    back at the end of Sept, and they're estimating the shipping date around the 2nd week of December. Really guys? :( I just want my grey flannel booties!

  6. These are lovely.

    Target in the US has heaps better things than the AUS stock. Go shopping for me :) I'm an AU size 9. Haha!

  7. I'm totally getting these too but in black :)

  8. Umm, so pretty much I adore your style to an unhealthy extreme AND YOU JUST SAID THREE APPLES TALL.


    I'm hooked. ^__^ Looooove the boots, btw! I really need another pair for this winter - one of my faves just got alligator face on me!

    Thanks for all the inspiration, lovely!

    - Zola

    (yikes - previous comment from the wrong account! Hope you don't mind if I delete it?)