Monday, November 9, 2009


I realize that it's not quite Monday afternoon, but I'm rambling anyway...

Just a few things on my mind:

1.  I have developed a recent affinity for prunes.  They are super yummy!  And apparently I'm 80.  I do, however, prefer the term "dried plum."  It's not as loaded as "prune."

2. Today, the husband and I are recognizing "Bring Your Wife to Work Day."  No, this is not an actual holiday and technically, I'm tagging along, but I have a huge pile of invitations to design, and I needed to get out of the house to stay productive.  I only wish he had better snacks here.  I forgot my dried plums.

3.  If I am as productive as I need to be, I will treat myself to a trip to Goodwill.  Look out ... BIG spender!

4.  I have 374 days left to enjoy my twenties.  So far, so good.

5.  Yes, this is me doing some more procrastinating.  I'm going back to doing work now ...


  1. Hello! Loving your blog, dear! Those boots are so cool and look really great with everything you've worn them with. Hope you get all of your productive stuff done today. Enjoy Goodwill!

  2. I used to have a thing for prunes too. It was totally a phase. I ate the hell out of them for weeks and now I can't stand the sight of them!

    And you have made me want to go away and work out how many days I have left of my twenties.

  3. I have to say I am starting to believe that you and I are the same person in some wome of Bizarro parrallel universe. I was also planning a trip to goodwill this evening. First the pumpkin cake and now this :)

  4. I love "dried plums" myself...and there is no doubt that I'm really 80!!! ;)

    Does that mean your b-day is in 9 days?!?!?!

  5. I love Prunes...I'm one of those nerds. :)

  6. hey wow, I didn't realize your age but you are a year older than me. :-) nice that there are some of us over 25 bloggers.

  7. Ahahaha... you are funny.
    I totally love old lady food too... prunes, fig newtons... Ok, if you love prunes you have to try the Activia prune yogourt.. so good and good for the internals too...if you know what i mean.

  8. If I can be as cool as you & Eyeliah in my 20's I will have succeeded at life.

    Dried plums aye? Hm, might check them out. I'm looking for more healthy snacks that are easy to prepare etc, so if you have some gooduns let me know :)

  9. so I just had to leave a quick comment to let you know that

    A. you crack me up. stop it already.

    B. you are hilarious. seriously prunes? ha loves it.

    you are too funny girl! hope you felt productive and treated yourself to good will! those trips are the best. and you always manage to find the best stuff. yay!


  10. You have to try stewed prunes....they are great warmed up or refrigerated. It must be the time of year because I just bought a box of 'dried plums' to stew. Yummy. Love your blog!!!

  11. It's almost your birthday! Any big 29th bday plans???

  12. i'm so excited for you that the design business is going so well! it's great to be busy! yay!!