Monday, November 9, 2009


11-9-09 1

Not every day can be dress-up day.  Sure it could be, but some days, you just gotta kick it comfy style.  Today was such a day.

11-9-09 2

I was pretty productive today.  There's still lots more to get done, but there's always tomorrow.

11-9-09 3

And I did end up with a couple goodies from Goodwill.  AND was super excited to see that they lowered the price of dresses from $6 to $4.  Woohoo!!!

11-9-09 4

I did have to put my non-jean attire on for an evening meeting, but I totally cheated and just wore what I had on yesterday.  Shh ... don't tell anyone.

11-9-09 5

Okay, I'm going to eat an ice cream sandwich now.  Hope you all enjoyed this most exciting post!

11-9-09 6
Jacket: Thrifted, $2 - Shirt: Gift from a Friend 
Custom Jeans: Courtesy of indiDenim - Sneakers: Keds, $26


  1. cute outfit and adorable doggie!

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  2. you look so cute in your casual clothes. and it totally just wear the exact same outfits on repeat sometimes. i know how that goes.

  3. Gotta love those ice cream sandwiches. ;-)

  4. Love the safari-style jacket. Very YSL... in a comfy, sporty way. Anyway, even in jeans and a tee, you look fabulous!

  5. ahhhh "kickin it comfy style" love it!
    Can't wait to do that on my day off (veteran's day) tomorrow, all I have to accomplish all day is a quick doc appt. Comfy here I come!

  6. awesome blog, cant wait to see more

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  7. Thank you for this post! Sometimes I feel like I want a day off and you just proved to me that even dressing down can be blogworthy. :)

  8. so ok, that had to be the best exit line of all time.... "ok going to eat an ice cream sandwich now"

    HA. you always keep me laughing.

    I love your comfy days because you still look so cute in your jeans and vintage-y type tee.

    and I totally cheat sometimes and just wear the same outfit, or version of it, if I only wore it for a few hours the day before. there just aren;t enough clothes in a girls closet! glad you enjoyed your comfy day!


  9. this is how I look almost every Sunday for groceries. :-)